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Bow Wow and Joie Chavis' Daughter Shai Moss - Picture and Facts

Published Sun May 26 2019 By DGM
Bow Wow and Joie Chavis' Daughter Shai Moss - Picture and Facts

Shai Moss is the daughter of a famous American Rapper Bow Wow and his long time girlfriend, a popular dancer, Joie Chavis born on April 27, 2011. 

The name 'Shai' means a gift in Hebrew language which is truly suitable for the baby as she is a beautiful gift of god to Bow Wow and Joie Chavis.

Shai's Parents Are Not Together

Shai's father Shad Gregory Moss aka Bow Wow and mother Joie Chavis do not live together. In fact, the two didn't even marry when the kid was born, they were just dating each other. The couple dated each other two times; first for three years (2010-2013) and second time for one year (2016-2017). 

A picture of Shai Moss with her mother Joie Chavis.
Joie Chavis and Her Daughter Shai Moss. 
Image Source: Instagram@shai_moss

Later on, the two of them split on their own different ways. Though Bow wanted to live with his daughter, Joie got the privilege and hence, the baby lives with her mother now. Her father has to has to travel 5 long hours just to meet her and gets emotional about her. Sometimes, Bow even tears up thinking about his daughter which definitely makes us, his fans, very sad.

Shai's Sibling

Bow Wow's daughter has a small brother Hendrix Wilburn from her mother and her ex-boyfriend Future aka Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn. The child was born last year and both of his parents shared adorable pictures welcoming their newly born baby. Shai loves her baby brother very much and is holding him in her arms in the picture. What a lovely bonding she has with her brother!

A picture of Shai Moss holding her baby brother Hendrix Wilburn.
Shai Moss with her baby brother Hendrix Wilburn. 
Image Source: Instagram@joiechavis

Shai's 8th Birthday Was A BANG!

Bow Wow and Joie Chavis celebrated their daughter's birthday with a tea party last month. Their friends and families were also present to celebrate the two-day tea party event. The party was held on The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverley hills which was a great choice as it provides excellent service to its guests. 

Angela Simmons, a Growing Up Hip Hop, was one among the many celebrities who attended the tea party of Shai's Birthday along with her son Sutton Tennyson Jr. They enjoyed the party very much and were happy to be involved in the celebration.

A picture of Bow Wow with his daughter Shai Moss.
Shai Moss with her dad Shad Gregory Moss aka Bow Wow. Image Source: Instagram@shadmoss

Shai's father, the "bounce With Me" star, posted a picture on Instagram after the weekend's party was over. She thanked her ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis for organizing things and making sure that their daughter had her the best birthday of her life. Shad also thanked all the fans and celebrities that sent the best wishes to his daughter's way.

Several Instagram fans praised the parenting skills of Wow and Chavis and claimed that they set an excellent example of coming together as a family despite their separation. How sweet and understandable parents is their daughter blessed with? Our kind blessings all the way to sweet little girl!

Shai Has An Instagram Account

Alfonso Moss's grand-daughter already has an Instagram Account which goes by the name "shai_moss". She has a fan following of 9k+ and has some beautiful pictures and videos. A lovely picture of her with her mother is also posted in the account. 

A picture of Shai Moss wearing a crown.
Shai Moss wearing a crown. Image Source: Instagram@shadmoss

The bio of Shai's account reads "Zuri Model and Talent" and "Account Managed by Mom." This means that the 8 years old (as of May 2019) girl has already started her modeling career and she is a part of a talent agency in New York. Plus the little princess's account is manged by her mama Joie Chavis. We are very happy for the child and future ahead.

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