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Get to Know Shaelyn Cado Killam - Taran Killam’s Daughter With Cobie Smulders

Published Wed Jan 22 2020 By DGM
Get to Know Shaelyn Cado Killam - Taran Killam’s Daughter With Cobie Smulders

Shaelyn Cado Killam is the daughter of the famous American actor and comedian, Taran Killam and Canadian actress and model, Cobie Smulders. She was born on the 16th of May, 2009, in New York, of the United States.

The name 'Shaelyn' is a name for girls derived from English origin meaning 'noble'. As for the name 'Cado', it is derived from an old French word 'cad' which means 'little fighter'. Here are some facts about her:

Younger Sister - Janita Mae Killam

Shaelyn has a younger sister named Janita Mae Killam from her parents. She was born in January, 2015 as the second cute daughter of Killam and Smulders. As Janita is the youngest member of the family, she is dearest to everyone and has her parents and elder sister wrapped around her fingers most of the time.

Mother Was Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer

Back in 2007, Shaelyn's mamma Cobie Smulders was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a type of cancer seen in women. She had developed tumors on both of her ovaries and the cancer had already spread up to her lymph nodes and surrounding tissues. To cure the cancer and remove the cancerous tissue from her body, she had to undergo several surgeries for the next few years.

A picture of Cobie Smulders with her daughters.
Cobie Smulders with her daughters.
Image Source: Quick Celeb Facts

After successful cure of the disease, Cobie was told that she would get the privilege of becoming a mother because she had only one third of an ovary after the surgeries. Though doctors said that she wouldn't get pregnant naturally, she proved them wrong when she gave birth to Shaelyn in 2009 and Janita in 2015.

Living a Lavish Life

As Shaelyn's parents are multimillionaires, she and her sister are living a life full of joy and happiness. Their parents fulfill their each and every needs and desires as responsible parents. From wearing expensive and branded clothes to traveling around the world with parents, the kids surely must have done some really good deeds in their previous lives.

Parent's Net Worth

Shaelyn Cado Killam comes from a very wealthy couple of Hollywood stars as they have had immensely successful career. Her father, Taran holds an estimated net worth of $4 million from his professional career as an actor and comedian. Talking about her mother, Cobie, she currently holds a massive fortune of $25 million which she managed to accumulate from her career of acting and modeling.

Parents' Relationship

The 'Single Parents' star has been together with Smulders for almost two decades. Before their engagement back in January 2009, they dated for seven long years. They welcomed Shaelyn, their first child, while they were still engaged to each other. They finally walked down the aisle on 8 September, 2012 in Solvang, California after three years of engagement.


A picture of Shaelyn Cado Killam's parents  Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders.
Shaelyn Cado Killam's parents: Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders.
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After marriage, Cobie's full legal name changed to Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders-Killam. The couple has been living very happily married life with their two daughters they had from their relationship. Taran is just days older than his lovely wife.

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