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About Seema Iyer - Fox Reporter Who Loves to Follow Indian Culture

Published Mon Feb 22 2021 By Aashika
About Seema Iyer - Fox Reporter Who Loves to Follow Indian Culture

Seema Iyer is a well-recognized television news reporter who has appeared as an anchor on 'Court TV'. Before it, she has worked in multiple networks like 'CNN', 'Fox', and 'NBC'. 

She is known for handling cases of General Practice, Civil Rights, Litigation, Criminal Defense, Constitutional. Iyer has been working for almost three decades in this field. 

Let's dig into some facts about Iyer that you want to know.

How Much Is Iyer's Net Worth?

Ms. Iyer has an estimated net worth of $3 million whereas her source of income from her journalist and broadcasting career. In 2000, her professional life began when she joined USA Broadcasting Inc. in the position of Manager of Legal Affairs. 

Then, served as a Legal Representative for lieutenants, police officers, and detective in 'NYPD'. Similarly, got the opportunity to work with channels such as 'MSNBC', 'NBC', 'HLN', and so on, where she ran many programs. Currently, she is working as the Chief Legal Correspondent for 'FOX 46 News'. 

Seema Iyer reporting Live on the MSNBC channel.
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Founded A Company

In the mid-2000, the attorney founded her own company, 'The Law Office of Seema Iyer' which is located in New York City. It has been operating for almost two decades. 

Relationships or Love Life

Seema Iyer is enjoying her single life and also there no record of her relationship with any guy. A television anchor is a secretive person who keeps her personal life details away from the public eye. 

She wants to dedicate her time to her career and make more success rather than wasting time on love. 

Follows Indian Culture

As being the daughter of Indian-American parents, Iyer follows both Indian and Western Culture. 

Though she lives in the United States, the former prosecutor follows Indian religion and gives equal norms & values. Sometimes she posts her picture in an Indian outfit in which Seema looks gorgeous. 

A picture of Seema Iyer in an Indian dress.
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Education and Alma Maters

'Fox' anchor is a well-educated person who has pursued post-baccalaureate studies in Biochemistry at the City University of New York in 2012. There her major subject was psychiatry, forensic technology, medicine, and science.

Previously, attended the Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles and earned Juris Doctor in Law. In 1993, she got graduated 'Magna-Cum-Laude' from John Jay College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  

Work Before Being Television Personality

Iyer's was working away from the camera before coming into the television industry. She served as a volunteer at the Elmhurst Hospital Psych's ER for almost two years. The duration of her work was from 2009 to 2011. 

Prior to it, in 1998, she worked at the Bronx Country DA's office as an Assistant District Attorney. There, Iyer focused on prosecuting felony and misdemeanor criminal cases.   

Other Passion

Apart from a reporter, 'Arise News' former producer is interested in dancing as her passion. Few people are unknown that Iyer is a professional and decorated dancer, specializing in Classical Hindu Dance. On her social media, you can see some videos of how she gracefully dances. 

Seema Iyer's performing Classical Dance. 
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