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Facts About Sean Teale - British Actor

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By DGM
Facts About Sean Teale - British Actor

Sean Teale is a famous British actor who is best known for portraying the lead role of the hit TV series 'Incorporated' as Ben Larson.

Sean was born on the 18th of June, 1992 in London, United Kingdom. He has been active in the film industry since 2010 and has given numerous successful shows and movies.

Here are 10 facts about Sean Teale:

Net Worth of Sean Teale

Sean Teale holds an estimated net worth of $6 million as of July 2019. He has been able to amass such an impressive net worth from his successful career as an actor of movies and television shows.

Ex- Girlfriend Adelaide Kane

The 27 years old (as of July 2019) actor was in a relationship with an Australian actress Adelaide Kane from 2014 to 2016. Relationship of the two actors created different buzz during that time. They were in a lovely relationship but the couple couldn't walk down the aisle and broke up in 2016.

A picture of Sean Teale with his ex-girlfriend Adelaide Kane.
Sean Teale with his ex-girlfriend Adelaide Kane.

Instagram Account

The 'Abominable Snowman' star has an Instagram account if you want to follow him. His account is by the name @seanjamesteale where he has followers over 172k and has posted 450+ posts till date. 

Teale has uploaded pictures of him with his friends and co-stars on his account. His last post was back from June when he celebrated his 27th birthday and thanked to those who wished him. 

Acting Career

Sean started off his acting career by deferring his University level education. He began from playing a short film 'Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother' in 2010. He then starred in the TV show 'Summer in Transylvania' and was very much appreciated for his role as 'Brad'.

The other hit movies of Teale include 'Survivor', 'We Are the Freaks' and 'B&B'. He has also played in some remarkable TV shows such as 'Reign', 'Incorporated' and 'The Gifted' which gave a pretty huge fame and success to the actor.

Dog Lover

Sean is a vivid dog lover and also owns a cute dog as his pet. In an interview, he was asked "Dogs or Cats?", he instantly replied with "Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!". This shows how much of a dog loving person he is. His dog is probably lucky to have a caring owner like him.

A picture of Sean Teale with his dog and a friend.
Sean Teale with his dog and a friend.

Enjoys Watching Games

Along with loving dogs, the 'Best Ensemble Cast' award winner is also a sports loving person. He enjoys watching almost every games whether it be Football or Baseball or Tennis or Basketball. He seems to be interested in every type of game as he visits in arenas by himself to witness the matches. If we talk about more precisely, he has posted more pictures of him watching Football matches. So, we can assume that the actor is much of a Football enthusiastic person if compared to other sports.

Travel Freak 

Traveling isn't something you can't afford if you have a $6 million fortune holding your back. Yes, he loves traveling and it is one of the lovely hobbies of Teale after acting. He travels to some of the finest places in the earth with his friends and families. So, we can say that he is a great travel freak.


The handsome actor got his stunning personality traits from his father Noel Teale and his cuteness from his mother Fini Teale. Fini is an employee at a design advertising agency and her husband, Noel works in an IT company as a consultant. Sean is the only child of the couple.


The British native completed his school level education from 'Latymer Upper School'. He prepared for A-levels in History, Drama and Economics at the 'University of Manchester' but eventually deferred it to pursue a career in acting.

Physical Traits

'The Gifted' star has a height of 6 feet 1 inches (1.85 m) and weighs a weight of 82 kg (180 pounds). His medium-length black hair and dark brown eyes matches his muscular body a lot.

A picture of Sean Teale wearing blue jacket and sunglasses.
Sean Teale is a handsome British actor.

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