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Facts About Seamus Dever - American Actor

Published Thu Jul 18 2019 By DGM
Facts About Seamus Dever -  American Actor

Seamus Dever is a famous American actor who is mostly known for portraying the role of Detective Kevin Ryan in the hit TV series 'Castle'. His other movies which include 'Threshold' (2005) and 'Hollywoodland' (2006) have also been career-defining films of his career.

Seamus was born on the 27th of July, 1976 in Flint, Michigan of the United States. Here are the 10 facts about the actor:

Net Worth

Seamus holds an estimated net of $1 million which he has amassed through his successful career as an actor and producer. He has acted on both big and small screens: from hit movies to hit TV series, he has worked in all. 

The success from the movies that he has worked in has resulted in such an impressive net worth of his. It is sure that he'll double up his worth in the coming years.

Married to Juliana Dever

The 42 years old (as of July 2019) actor is married to Juliana Dever, an American actress who is his co-star on the series 'Castle'. They tied the knot back in 2006 and have a lovely relationship of over a decade.

Though the pair doesn't share a child till date, they are happily living their married life.

A picture of Seamus Dever with his wife, Juliana Dever.
Seamus Dever with his wife, Juliana Dever.

John Seed of Far Cry 5

Did you know that the 'Ready or Not' star is also a video game artist? Yes, he has acted as John Seed in the most anticipated open world survival game, Far Cry 5. 

Dever has given his face and voice to the character and made the game extra-fabulous. If you didn't know that, you can play the game and know by yourself. The game has become a massive hit across the globe, thanks to the prominent actor!

A picture of Seamus Dever playing the role of John Seed in Far Cry 5.
Seamus Dever playing the role of John Seed in Far Cry 5.


As mentioned earlier, the American native is a professional actor and has acted in different movies and television series. He has acted in movies like 'Hollywoodland' (2006), 'Outside The Law' (2002), and 'Ready or Not'  (2009). In comparison to movies, he has played more number of TV series in his career and gained a lot of success from them. Some of his popular work in small screens are General Hospital, Army Wives and Castle.

The lead cast and the portrayer of Detective Kevin Ryan earned Seamus a lot of success and money in his career. He also worked in the 2018 TV show 'Take Two' as Todd Garlin. So far, Dever has had a very successful career in acting and will continue giving us hit series and movies like he always does.

Dog Lover

Juliana's lovely husband is a vivid dog lover and has petted three dogs in his home. One of them is a terrier type, next is a Basset Hound and the third one is Corgi mix. He often shares pictures of his lovely dogs via his Instagram account. The furry creatures are blessed to have a wonderful owner like Seamus Dever.

A picture of Seamus Dever with his dogs.
Seamus Dever with his dogs.

Supporter of Best Friends Animal Society

The Michigan-born actor along with his actress wife Juliana, are both supporters of the Best Friends Animal Society. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes pet adoption, no-kill animal rescue, and spay and neuter practices across USA. They help the organization by donating money and raising public awareness. Because they are against animal killing, both the husband and wife are vegetarians. That is a very wonderful thing!

Basketball Lover

In case if you don't know, the talented superstar is also a basketball lover and loves the game very much. If you check his Instagram, you'll discover that he has a deep passion for the game and is a Detroit Pistons' fan. 

During the on-season of NBA, he often uploads pictures and videos of the matches that are taking places. He even watches the matches by visiting the arena himself. What a passionate love for basketball he has!

Education - Alma Matter

Seamus Dever, who graduated as a valedictorian from the Mohave High School and completed his undergraduate studies from the Northern Arizona University. 

Later on, he went to the Moscow Art Theatre and Carnegie-Mellon University to grab a degree and then pursue a career in acting. He did exactly what he aimed to do and held MFAs (Master of Fine Arts) and has a very successful acting career till date.

Physical Characteristics

Seamus, who is one of the finest actors of this generation stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inch (1.78 m) with tall and bold personality. He weighs 75 kg (165 lbs), has brownish hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. Why wouldn't such a man steal the hearts of million?

Social Sites

You'd be glad to hear that the eminent star is present on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Yes, he has a total of 111k people following him on Instagram where has posted more than a thousand pictures. 

Moreover, he is also on Twitter and has a follower of 214k with 9,000+ tweets. He is frequently active on both of the sites and shares his pictures to his fans.

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