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Savannah Seagal - Steven Seagal’s Son With Ex-Girlfriend Arissa Wolf

Published Sat Sep 14 2019 By DGM
Savannah Seagal - Steven Seagal’s Son With Ex-Girlfriend Arissa Wolf

Savannah Seagal is the daughter of the famous American actor, the 'Out for Justice' star Steven Seagal and his ex-girlfriend, Arissa Wolf. She was born on the 9th of September 1996 in the United States.

The name 'Savannah' is a girl's name derived from the Spanish origin and means 'tropical grassland which is flat'. Here are some facts about her:

Parents' Net Worth

The American native comes from a very wealthy family as her splitted parents are very rich. Her father, Steven is the owner of the massive $16 million net worth where as his mother, Arissa holds an estimated fortune of $250,000.

Parents' Relationship

The 23 years old lady's parents are no longer together as they separated a long time ago parting their own ways. They first met in 1994 in their hometown and eventually dated. They dated for two years and gave birth to Savannah from their live-in relationship in 1996. 

However, they separated in the same year she was born as they couldn't maintain their relationship for long. But they remained very close friends as they had to raise their daughter as responsible parents.

A picture of The American actor Steven Seagal.
Savannah Seagal's father, the American actor Steven Seagal.
Picture Credit: Variety

Six Half-Siblings

Savannah has a total of six half-siblings from her parents which are from her father and his relationship with other women. To start, she has two sisters; Arissa LeBrock and Annaliza Seagal and an elder brother Dominic Seagal from her daddy's ex-wife, actress Kelly LeBrock.

Furthermore, she has an elder brother Kentaro Seagal and elder sister Ayako Fujitani from her father's first wife, aikido instructor Miyako Fujitani. Lastly, she has a younger brother Kunzang Seagal from her dad and his current wife Erdenetuya Batsukh.

Savannah's Mamma Was Her Father's Nanny

You might be shocked to know that Savannah's Mamma Arissa actually came to know her father Steven when she came to work at his house as the nanny (babysitter) of his other kids. The two eventually started having an affair and even had Savannah as their child. 

After LeBrock, who was Steven's wife then, knew that her husband was cheating on her with her nanny, she immediately filed for divorce which was later finalized in 1996.

A picture of Savannah Seagal with her parents.
Savannah Seagal with her parents.
Image Source: Ranker

Private Instagram Account

The beautiful daughter of Steven and Arissa is present and mostly active on her Instagram account which goes by the name @savseagal. She has a total of 1,085 followers with 676 posts on her account till date. 

However, it is very difficult to get a glimpse at her pictures and videos as she has set her account as private and is very selective when it comes to approving her followers.

Physical Characteristics

Savannah stands tall at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (193 cm) weighing around about 160 lbs. She is a slim lady with beautiful brown hair and a pair of brown eyes.

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