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Sarah Williams - Joel McHale's wife

Published Tue May 17 2022 By dishant
Sarah Williams - Joel McHale's wife

Sarah Williams is an American artist. She was born on August 10, 1970, in Washington DC, United States. She was a famous novelist of "The Old Astronomer," also known as "The Old Astronomer to His Pupil."

Sarah is also popular for marrying an American film star Joel McHale. McHale is a comedian, writer, producer, and TV host from the United States.

Sarah Williams Family

Sarah was born in the city of Washington, in the United States. Her mother, Sally, celebrated her 83rd birthday a few days ago. 

Whereas her father died in a car accident when Sarah was too young. She has one brother whose name is Richard Williams.

Early Life

Sarah was just ten years old when her father died. After the expiry of her father, everything became hard for them. But her mother, Sally, did different jobs to make certain money. Her mother never gave up. She keeps on doing many jobs to fulfill the needs of Sarah and Richard Williams. 

beautiful Sarah Williams
Photo of Sarah Williams
Source: Blair School of Music- Vanderbilt University

Sarah was just two years older than Richard. They also worked hard and struggled for their career. The situation was so hard that they could not lean on each other. As for now, Sarah still remembers her father on the occasion of Father's Day and other relatives' gatherings.

On the other hand, we don't know about Sarah's school and college. But, when she graduated high school' she went to the University of Washinton. She earned Bachelor's degree in Psychology from there.

Personal Life

Sarah is an American Citizen. She follows the Christain religion and is caucasian in terms of ethnicity. She was born in August, so she is Leo in Zodiac Signs. Leos are said to be ambitious and loyal.

According to the sources, celebdoko The two are also known to be very protective of their close and dear ones, which is clearly seen trait in Sarah Williams.

Sarah's Wedding

Joel Mchale met his love Sarah in the year 1995. They both were in their early twenties and undergraduates at the University of Washinton at the time. Joel was straightforward and reveal that he was very grateful to have Sarah as a life partner. And he did not have relationship experience before his wedding to Sarah.

They both looking good their outfit
Sarah Williams and Her husband Joel Mchale

Therefore, after meeting Sarah, McHale immediately started having feelings for her. So he started talking to her as a friend and started dating him after some time. Similarly, after some months Joel got to know that the woman wanted to get married and Joel proposed to Sarah. Likewise, they got married on June 20, 1996.


After 9 years of marriage, the couple decided to have children. They repeatedly got trouble having children but finally, in 2005, God blessed them with their first kid.

The couple saw that it was a blessing from god. Their first child was a son, and they named him Edward Roy Mchale. But soon, the happiness of the family turned into the overwhelming knowing that Edward had two holes in his heart. This was terrifying news for the parents. But, slowly they started struggling with that situation.

Net Worth

Sarah's estimated net worth until today is $500k dollars. She got this amount with her versatility and every job that she has done.

Sarah looking good form side angle
Black & white photo of Sarah
Source: Blair School of Music- Vanderbilt University

But, her main income source that she earns is from her business career.

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