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Facts About Sarah Trigger - Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife

Published Tue Aug 06 2019 By DGM
Facts About Sarah Trigger - Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife

Sarah Trigger is a British actress who is popular as the ex-wife of the 'Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer. She is also known for some hit old movies such as 'Pet Sematary 2' and 'Deadfall'.

Trigger was born on the 12th June 1968 in London, United Kingdom. Here are 10 facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

In 2019, Sarah holds an estimated net worth of $950,000 million according to Net Worth Post and she has accumulated such an impressive number from her professional career as an actress. She also receives a huge amount of $80,000 per month from Jon (her ex-husband) for the child support money of their son. 

David Dickey -  Husband

The 51 years old actress is married to the love of her life, David Dickey. The two walked down the aisle after dating for some time. The couple even shares a son, Alex as the symbol of relationship and is living a blissful life currently without any rumors of conflicts in their relationship.

Ex-Husband Jon Cryer

Long before marrying David, the 'PCU' actress was married to the famous American actor Jon Cryer. You might recognize him as Alan Harper of the hit sitcom series 'Two and a Half Men'. 

The estranged couple married in 1999 and share a son, Charlie from their relationship. Unfortunately, their marriage couldn't last long and hence they divorced in 20004 due to some conflicts in their relationship. As for now, Jon is married to Lisa Joyner and has a daughter Daisy Cryer.

Two Children

The British actress is the mother of two children, each from her ex-husband and husband. Her elder son, Charlie Austin Cryer who was born in June 27, 2000 is from her first husband, Jon. And her younger son, Alex Dickey who was born in 2006 is her child with her current hubby, Dickey.

Joh Cryer has another daughter Daisy Cryer from his wife Lisa Joyner.

A picture of Charlie Austin Cryer with his dad, Jon Cryer.
Charlie Austin Cryer with his dad, Jon Cryer.

Demanding $88k per month for Child Support

Back in 2013, the mother of Charlie Austin Cryer, Sarah Trigger demanded an increase of $8,000 in the monthly child support money from Jon for their raising their son. And as her ex-spouse refused to give $88,000 a month, she stated that their son wasn't able to match the economic standard of his peers. 

So, she demanded an increment because the school their child was studying was studying was expensive and it was becoming hard for her to manage expenses as she was jobless at that time. Therefore, the court forced Jon to pay the amount.

Trying to Kill Ex-Husband

It was in the early 2010 when news broke out that Sarah hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband, Jon. The issue was very complex because he (Jon) was attacked while he was shooting for his TV show. And Cryer told the police authorities that Trigger hired a hitman to kill her. And surprisingly, it was known that the man that was hired was Sarah's ex-boyfriend Eddie Sanchez

A picture of Sarah Trigger with her ex-spouse Jon Cryer.
Sarah Trigger with her ex-spouse Jon Cryer.

Eddie stated that it was Sarah's plan to have Jon killed, not only him, but also David. Well, that is shocking now! Why would she want to kill her husband? However, she has refused all the facts that she wanted both her former and present husband dead.

Arrested For Felony Child Neglect

Jon's ex-wife Sarah Trigger was arrested after police knew that she wasn't taking good care of Austin. They took her to custody as they discovered marks around the child's neck (who was just 8 years old at the moment. Her bail was set for $100,000 and their son was kept safely with his father Jon who surely would have felt very bad for his child.

When investigated about the bruise around Austin's neck, Sarah denied that she did anything wrong to the kid and kept on insisting that it was caused from an accident. But how in the world is a kid supposed to get a remarkable bruise on his neck from a minor accident? It is quite upsetting that the 'Family Law' actress didn't knew the law that you should abuse a child physically.

Movies & TV Shows

The bold and beautiful actress has played in numerous movies and television shows for which she is remembered most of the time. Talking about big screens, she has acted in movies like 'Don't Do It', 'Deadfall', and 'A Gift from Heaven'. Moreover, her work in television include 'Original Sins', 'CSI: Miami', and 'Family Law'.

A picture of Sarah Trigger in a movie.
Sarah Trigger in a movie.

No Social Media Presence

Unlike her ex-partner Jon, Sarah isn't present on social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has never been seen opening any account on any sites. She likes to be out of the limelight as much as possible.

Physical Characteristics

Sarah Louise Trigger is a slim lady with a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) approximately and a weight around 60 kg. She has naturally blonde hair and a pair of stunning blue eyes.

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