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About Sarah Kohan - Pictures and Details About This Model and Travel Blogger

Published Mon Feb 22 2021 By Aashika
About Sarah Kohan - Pictures and Details About This Model and Travel Blogger

Sarah Kohan is a well-known model and travel blogger. She is the social media personality who is better known as 'Moonstrucktraveller' on Instagram. 

On 6th March 1994, she came into this world in Sydney, Australia, and her zodiac sign is Pisces. 

Kohan graduated from the University of Notre Dame Australia and obtained her law degree as well as bachelors in finance. Later, she attendant the Harvard University and Columbian University. 

Let's look at some interesting and unknown facts about Kohan. 

Net Worth: $1 million

Sarah Kohan has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned through her vlogging and modeling. She also increases her income from products endorsement. Mrs. Hernandez has been modeling for Elite London and Insanity Group. Similarly, she promotes brands like Kaohs, Frankie, and many more. 

In October 2016, this travel blogger began her career on social media. She has visited Hawaii, Bora Bora, London, Maui, Cook Islands, The Bahamas, and so on, which she posted the video on her page.  

Husband: Javier Hernandez

Kohan is married to Javier Hernandez, a popular Mexican football player who has been playing for Manchester United in Spain. 

The two captured together in front of the camera in Miami Beach in July 2018 after meeting several times. The couple got married in the same years in America. They have two children from their relationship. 

Sarah Kohan with her husband Javier Hernandez.
Image Source: Dallas Morning News

Spouse's Previous Relationship

Prior to the date with Sarah, a soccer player was in a romantic relationship with Andrea Duro. His former girlfriend is a well-known Spanish actress. Their love story began on social media in July 2017. 

On 27th July, Duro uploaded a picture of the Eiffel Tower, in which Javier commented, "Hi! I want to meet you, will you let me?". In which, the actress replied, "Oh yeah? I thought you already knew me." After that, both dated and were live-in relations, but their love life couldn't go far and separated. 

Javier Hernandez and his former girlfriend Andrea Duro.

Welcomed Two Children

The 26-years model is the mother of two children, a son, and a daughter.  In 2019, she gave birth to her first child, Noah Hernandez, likewise in 2020, the second child, Nala Hernandez came into their family member. Kohan often shares her baby's pictures on her Instagram account. 

Sarah Kohan shares a picture of her two adorable children Noah Hernandez and Nala Hernandez.
Image Source: Instagram 

Adventurous Person

Kohan has done the adventure things such as exploring the seas and going to the national parks. She has many pictures on social media with animals like elephants, chimpanzees, whales, sharks, and many more. A model loves to travel to numerous places and wants to see nature's beauty. 

Sarah Kohan's picture with an elephant.
Image Source: Instagram

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