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Sarah Beattie aka nachosarah

Published Fri Jun 17 2022 By dishant
Sarah Beattie aka nachosarah

Sarah Beattie is a well-known American comedian, actress, and one of the most popular internet comedians. Sarah is also known for her contentious remarks and comments on social media networks. She was born on November 4, 1992, in Hawaii, United States of America. Sarah attended Big Island secondary school. Later, she studied English Literature at Florida State University. The comedian's outspokenness has piqued the interest of her followers, who eagerly anticipate her next tweets and postings. Sarah is most recognized for her humorous blogging on a variety of topical topics.

In fact, she comes up with entertaining narrative ideas. Sarah has a fantastic collection of hilarious videos. She just attended a "Saturday Night Live" reality show. She is one of five comedians who have been featured in Vogue for four years. She is currently addressing Native American concerns. Beattie refreshes his Twitter account with a series of contentious remarks. They have anything to do with Covington Catholic High School. Furthermore, the incident occurred only a week ago. Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist, was also present during the event.


Sarah became well-known as a result of her social media platforms, primarily Twitter and Instagram. As a result, she started her career as a Twitter comedian, claiming to be a Saturday Night Live contributor. Despite the fact that this was a well-known scam, her celebrity grew, and she began to receive genuine engagements.

old picture of Sarah
Photo of Sarah Beattie
Source: Instagram

One of her early notable appearances was Olivia Spector in the TV crime thriller series "The Fall." It aired from 2013 to 2016 and stars Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, and John Lynch. She has started working as a writer for Frankie Boyle's TV show, "Frankie Boyle's New World Order."Frankie Boyle is the host of the show. The show premiered in 2007 and continued for four seasons.  There are 19 episodes in total. Sarah is a social media sensation who is always looking for new material to share. She is also known for openly discussing breasts in her Instagram photos and posts. She has a large following as a consequence of her unusual messages and photo perspectives.

Controversies of Sarah

Sarah gained fame after it was uncovered that she had pretended to be a writer for "SNL" when she wasn't. Despite this, she has maintained a high degree of media attention since then. She has also lately chastised Nathan Phillips, a native American who was recently arrested. wearing the MAGA (Make America Great Again) mask. After making derogatory remarks about Nathan, she became an internet sensation. Sarah's tweet had a similar effect on the internet. She threatened to blow up anyone who in the tweet punched the MAGA kid in the face.

She is licking thumb finger in this picture
Photo of Sarah
Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the tweet made reference to Nick Sandmann, a Covington Catholic High School student who is a prominent figure in the MAGA hat video issue. Nathan Phillips, a Native American veteran, was humiliated as a result. However, the tweet has already been removed. She's currently focusing on making statements about President Donald Trump. Trump's behavior, which she vehemently condemns. Trump is also referred to as a tyrant by her "a piece President Trump is a jerk "on several occasions.

Early Life

She was born on November 4th, 1992, in Hawaii, United States of America. Sarah Beattie is 26 years old right now in 2019. Her parental background, however, remains a mystery to her devotees. Sarah actually went to Big Island High School. She then enrolled at Florida State University to complete her education. Beattie earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature.

She belongs to the White ethnic group. Sarah is also a citizen of the United States. Ms. Beattie is currently based in Los Angeles (California, USA).

Personal Life

Beattie is a well-known internet celebrity, comedian, novelist, blogger, writer, model, and influencer on social media. She made her acting debut in the crime drama series The Fall in 2013. The series was created by Allan Cubitt. She also played Olivia Spector in the television drama The Fall. From 2003 through 2016, she appeared in a total of fifteen episodes.

Beattie, on the other hand, drew a lot of notice as a comedian. Frankie Boyle's New World Order featured her in the lead role. She appeared in nineteen episodes in total. On the other hand, Sarah Beattie has never been romantically linked to anyone before, so it's safe to presume she's not married and never has been. Furthermore, her relationship status is ambiguous, implying that she is perhaps single.


Sarah Beattie's personal life is what most people want to know about her after she became famous overnight. Regrettably, she has a low-key personal existence with hidden romantic components. Despite the fact that the comedian posts about her dating experiences and loves on social media, she has managed to keep her romantic pulses hidden from the public.

She frequently makes jokes and pokes fun at love relationships. Sarah prefers to refer to herself as wedded to food, such as a pastrami sandwich. It is the reality that Sarah has yet to marry, despite her amusing dating posts. Her anti-relationship actions are also depicted in her social media post. The actress is currently single and concentrating on her work. Beattie has been tight-lipped about her personal life. It's unclear whether she's married or in a relationship. Although several reports state that Beattie is unmarried, some tabloids speculate that she is dating or engaged to her fiancé. She hasn't said anything about her romance on social media either.

Net Worth

Beattie is a multi-talented personality who has made a good living from her professional career as an author, internet personality, blogger, model, and social media influencer. Sarah Beattie's net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand as of 2021. Sponsorships and endorsements bring her in approximately $15,000.

She is taking mirror selfie
Mirror click of Sarah 
Source: Instagram

As a comedienne, she appeared in The Fall (2013) and Frankie Boyle’s New World Order (2007). She appeared in season two and seven episodes of the comedy series Frankie Boyle's New World Order in 2018. As per PayScale, the median salary of the comedian/comedienne is $40,000 per year, which means that she might have accumulated a substantial net worth from her career as a comedienne.

Social Media

Sarah Beattle is a frequent user of social media. She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She does not, however, use Facebook. 

Her Instagram account is followed by 189k people. Similarly, she has approximately 559.9k Twitter followers.

Body Measurements

Sarah is a stunning lady. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-24-35 inches, which is a very lovely figure. Her shoe size is 8, and she wears a 338 bra size (US). Her personality is enthralling and captivating. Her blue eyes and her golden hair are also appealing.

Being a well-known American Comic star she is very strict about her diet plan and follows it respectively.

Some quick facts

  • Her social media channels have a sizable following.
    She is well-known for publicly discussing breasts in a range of photographs and tweets.
  • Her wacky tweets and photo angles have earned her a large fan base.
  • She actually uses her Instagram account to show off her artistic and creative abilities.
    Her outspoken demeanor makes it impossible for her to apologize for the offensive things she made.
  • She is undoubtedly a social media sensation, and we expect her to continue to amuse her fans by posting hilarious remarks on social media.
  • She has a knack for coming up with amusing plots.
    Sarah has a terrific series of amusing videos on her YouTube channel.
  • She is one of five comedians who have appeared on Vogue's cover for the past four years.
  • She also enjoys Quentin Tarantino's movies.

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