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Meet Sara Calaway – Former Wife of Undertaker and Wrestling Valet

Published Sat Dec 21 2019 By DGM
Meet Sara Calaway – Former Wife of Undertaker and Wrestling Valet

Sara Calaway is a former American professional wrestling valet and one-time wrestler for WWE. She is also renown as the ex-wife of the famous veteran wrestler Mark William Calaway aka 'The Undertaker'.

Calaway was born on the 21st of July, 1977, in Long Beach, California, the USA with the birth name Sara Chirie Frank. Here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Sara Calaway holds an estimated net worth of $200,000 from her career as a former WWE valet and employee.

Husband - Jason Schnuit

Karen Frank's daughter Calaway is married to an American actor Jason Schnuit for over a decade now. They tied the knot back in April 14, 2009 and have been together for good ever since. Though the two are tied in marital relationship for ten years already, they haven't given birth to any child.

A picture of Sara Calaway's husband Jason Schnuit.
Sara Calaway's husband Jason Schnuit.
Image Source: Famous Fix

Former Spouse - The Undertaker

As Sara Calaway is precisely famous for being the ex-wife of The Undertaker, she was married to him for about seven years. They walked down the aisle in July 21, 2000 which was on the special occasion of her 23rd birthday. The two remained extremely happy during their marriage which we could acknowledge when they used to appear together in WWE. Despite being parents of two daughters from their marital relationship, they separated in April 25, 2007.

Mother of Two

As we mentioned earlier, Sara is the mother of two daughters which she had from her previous marriage with Mark. Gracie Calaway and Chasey Calaway are her daughters where Chasey is the elder one born on 2002 and Gracie is the younger one born on 2005. 

Chasey has an account on Twitter where she stated that she is the daughter of 'The Undertaker' and she'll block anyone who'll disrespect her. Well, it appears like she is using her father's fame quite a bit.

A picture of The Undertaker with his three daughters.
The Undertaker with his three daughters.

Worked as a Manager for Ex-Husband 

When Sara used to work in the WWE, she not only used to work as the valet of Undertaker but also used to work as the manager of him and his tag team partner, Kane (Glenn Thomas Jacobs). She used to manage the tag team when they were the tag team champions at that time.

Has Her Name Tattooed on The Undertaker

If you are a crazy fan of the Undertaker then you might remember that he used to have the name 'SARA' inked on his front neck while he was married to Sara. He actually had the tattoo as a gift to Sara for their marriage anniversary. Despite their divorce, the phenom had the tattoo on his neck for some years but now, he has covered up the tattoo with a different tattoo. 

Is Also an Actress

Besides the valet and wrestling profession, Sara is also an actress who has appeared in the videos of WWE. She had been featured in the different promotional videos for the company. Most of the time, she would be used to promote the various pay-per-view events.

Has a Tattoo on Left Shoulder

On the top of left shoulder, Gracie's mom has a small tattoo inked which appears to be kind of drawing or symbol. The ink was first seen on her body when she appeared in one of the older WWF's videos.

A picture of Sara Calaway with her former husband, The Undertaker.
Sara Calaway with her former husband, The Undertaker.
Image Source: Pinterest

Physical Specifications

Talking about the physical specifications, Sara stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) and weighs about 60 kg (132 pounds). She has a slim body along with blonde hair and a pair of gorgeous black eyes.

Twitter Account

Sara Calaway has a Twitter account which goes by the name @CalawaySara and has over 282 followers. She joined the platform back in 2012 but hasn't been active for a long time now. She hasn't even uploaded any pictures or videos on her account, maybe because she wants to keep her life private as possible.

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