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Samantha Hegseth

Published Wed Mar 01 2023 By sush
Samantha Hegseth

Do you remember the Fox & Friends co-host Samantha Hegseth? She is a television host who came to recognition after getting wed to another television personality and author, Pet Hegseth. 

Samantha Hegseth is an American journalist who served as worked with Fox News as the co-host of the station's chat show, Fox & Friends. She is also the second wife of Pete Hegseth, who is a television personality, author, and former Army National Guard Officer. 

However, she ended up divorcing Pete after he was revealed to be having one of her fellow co-workers on Fox News. And now, after the divorce, she is nowhere to be seen. So, let's know who she is and what actually happened. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Samantha Hegseth is estimated to be somewhere between $550k to $1 million. Apparently, she amassed one-fourth of her fortune with her career in television as she is the former co-host of the chat show, Fox & Friends. 

Samantha Hegseth and her former husband, Pete Hegseth's wedding
Samantha Hegseth and her former husband, Pete Hegseth's wedding. (Source: Featured Biography)

Apart from being a television show host, Samantha also worked for various organizations including Vets For Freedom. Moreover, she is also reported to have received a good amount of divorce alimony from Pete after their divorce. 

However, since her divorce, she has led a quiet life so it's not known what career field she is in now and what she pursues. But assumingly, she got back to work for different organizations since she won't have much spotlight. 

Samantha's Early Life Is Yet To Be Discovered

Though Samantha was an internet personality and the co-host of Fox & Friends, the details about her early life are limited and are still covered. However, she is reported to have been born on January 1, 1970, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Moreover, Samantha was born in a Christian household as Samantha Deering. Apart from this, no information about her life before getting married to Pete is known. 

Samantha And Pete's Marriage Timeline

Let's take a look at the relationship timeline of Samantha Hegseth with her ex-husband, Pete Hegseth.

According to sources, Samantha and Pete met through their mutual friend. Moreover, before their orchestrated meeting, they are also believed to have met in Vets For Freedom. While Samantha was serving as a spokesperson for the organization, the tv host, Pete, was the executive director of the organization. 

Samantha Hegseth and her former husband, Pete Hegseth.
Samantha Hegseth and her former husband, Pete Hegseth. (Source: Networth Height Salary)

After getting acquainted, the couple immediately started seeing each other.  Moreover, at the time, Pete was still married to his first wife and high school sweetheart, Meredith Schwarz. However, the couple still continued their relationship and Pete eventually ended up divorcing his first in 2009. 

Their relationship was still going headstrong and a year later, the couple welcomed their first child, and hence they decided to exchange vows. So the couple got married the same year at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Washington D.C. However, unlike everyone's expectations, the couple didn't hold up and eventually got divorced in 2017. 

Pete Had An Affair That Caused His Divorce From Samantha

Do you know that Pete Hegseth is now married to Jennifer Rauchet? Moreover, prior to their marriage, he had an affair with her when he was still married to Samantha, which led to their divorce. 

Pete Hegseth and his third wife, Jennifer Rauchet.
Pete Hegseth and his third wife, Jennifer Rauchet. (Source: Legit)

Pete Hegseth met Jennifer Rauchet on Fox News; she is the executive producer of Fox News while Pete is the contributor. After Pete and she were discovered having an affair, Samantha filed for divorce from Pete. And the couple legally separated in September 2017. 

Moreover, at the time of their divorce, Jennifer was pregnant with Pete's child, Gwen Hegseth. 

Mother Of Three 

Samantha Hegseth shares three children with Pete Hegseth. As already mentioned, she gave birth to their first child, Gunner Hegseth, on 13 June 2010. 

After two years, the former couple welcomed their second child named Boone Hegseth on August 2012. And again after two years, they welcomed their third child, Rex Brian Hegseth on September 2015.

Apparently, as Pete is seen posting pictures of these kids, it seems that Samantha and Pete have agreed on co-parenting the kids and have joint custody of the children.

Pete Hegseth and his third wife, Jennifer Rauchet with all their kids.
Pete Hegseth and his third wife, Jennifer Rauchet with all their kids. (Source: Instagram)


As already mentioned, Samantha was a co-host of Fox News's chat show Fox & Friends. However, she didn't have much of a breakthrough or prominence in the television industry. However, before that, she worked for a non-profit organization named Vets For Freedom. 

The organization Vets For Freedom is a political advocacy organization founded in 2006. She served as a spokesperson for the organization which was initially founded as the 527 groups by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Moreover, while she was working there, Pete was the executive director of the organization. 

Height & Weight

Pete Hegseth's second wife Samantha was an adorable lady who stood at the height of 5ft 5 inches tall. She has natural dark-colored hair and brown eyes. 

Moreover, though she didn't have a well-defined and angular figure, she had a small framed body. And reportedly, she also weighs around 55kg. 

Samantha Disappeared After Her Divorce From Pete

As we already know, Samantha was already quite a private person, who led a life away from attention. And after her messy divorce from her ex-husband, Pete Hegseth, she disappeared from the media's attention in an instant. 

As her divorce from Pete made quite a noise back in the time, she must have got tired from the attention that she got when she was already having a rough time. So since her divorce, she hasn't once been seen on social media. 


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