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Remember Sam Okyere? Ghanaian TV Star Who Has Complicated Story

Published Sun Jan 30 2022 By sijal
Remember Sam Okyere? Ghanaian TV Star Who Has Complicated Story

Sam Okyere is famous for being a TV personality who has an African nationality and working with South Korean people and African people.

Sam is from Ghana and had become well known as a Ghanaian celeb Okyere has appeared in many Korean TV shows one of them is MBC Every1. 

He was born on April 21, in Accra, Ghana as a Samuel Nana Kwesi Tweneboah Koduah Okyere Gyan Darko.  


Global Star Award Winner (2015) Okyere did his schooling in a local school located in his hometown Ghana. He moved to South Korea at an early age and joined Sogang University to complete his engineering course.

Sam was a brilliant student from an early his educational talent had led him to the way to get admitted to a prestigious university located in Korea.


Fashionista Award winner (2019) started his career when he raise his voice on the viewpoints of occuring racism in Korea and get the opportunity to spoil the truth in Korean TV shows where he got massive supporters.

Sam Okyere in embassy of Africa in Korea
Sam Okyere is in the embassy of Africa, located in Korea. source: @samokyere1

As he now fully fits into the Korean standards, Okyere got the opportunity to get featured in several Korean series and movies 'South Korean Foreigners'(2018), 'Dunia: Into a New World'(2018), 'Intimate Enemies'(2016).

Networth of Sam Okyere 

After coming to Korea his lifestyle changed quickly as well his wealth rate. There is a huge change in his personality and had upgraded his standards.

Sam Okyere's total net worth as a Television personality and actor is estimated to be more than $3 million as of 2022. His earnings per month for working on a Television show is $100,000 USD dollars.  

Is Sam Okyere married?

There are no rumors of him being married nor a relationship with any girl that has been revealed by the media to his date. He may have had affairs in the past but for now, Sam is a gentleman and a single bachelor boy.

Sam Okyere had made many girls' best friends by staying in Korea but had not made his view on marrying this soon. We can just assume he is busy making himself a man with a more qualified and bold persona.

What was the controversy between Sam Okyere and Korean citizens?

When Sam post a pic on the occasion of his high school graduation where his Korean colleagues did a caricature of a popular meme (Coffin dance) with blackface which was originally done by Ghanian people. 

Because of this action, it became controversial for many netizens who think it was inappropriate and judged Sam Okyere for doing such a racist thing and disrespecting his own religion.  

Okyere was sued for his racist action but after his explanation of how he wanted to unite together without the cultural appropriation of both Africa and Korea, his thoughtful words made all netizens change their perception of him.  

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