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About Sabrina Skau - Shalita Grant's Wife Who is a Commercial Director

Published Wed Aug 12 2020 By Samana
About Sabrina Skau - Shalita Grant's Wife Who is a Commercial Director

Sabrina Skau is a commercial director who is known for her works but she gained the attention of people through her wife, Shalita Grant. 

When Grant was dating her, people began getting curious about her, and major of her followers started following her thanks to her wife's stardom. 

Here are some facts on the NCIS: New Orleans star's loving wife, Sabrina.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Sabina Skau is estimated to be $2 million which she accumulated from her career as a director.

Met Wife Through Dating App

Sabrina made sure that she always kept herself updated on different trends. So she jumped into the bandwagon of the famous dating app, Tinder. 

The couple matched on the app and started to talk and from tinder, they shifted to Instagram DMs. Who slid into whose DMs first, we will never know but what we know is that the two are really happy together and have been in love ever since.

Sabrina and Shslita Grant posing for a quick selfie.
Sabrina and Shalita Grant posing for a quick selfie.
Image Source: Healthy Celeb

Marriage and The Venue Choice

Skau married Shalita Grant who is a former NCIS: New Orleans star. On August 8, 2018, the two lovebirds tied the knot on San Francisco's City Hall. 

They chose the venue because it was the venue where the first same-sex legal marriage was held and being a part of the LGBTQI+ community, they figured it would hold a lot of meaning for them. 

Sabrina and Shalita on their wedding day.
Image Source: Pinterest

A Dog Mommy

Just like so many people dedicate their Instagram feeds for their babies, Sabrina has done the same. Except her baby is a dog, and she seems more like a proud mother. 

Her little dog's name is Tuna and like a proud mother, she shows her baby off every chance she gets. Wearing fanciest clothes from Halloween to going out on walks or winking, mommy Sabrina has managed to capture all of it for the memories.

Made LEGO Stop Motion Video

You may think ah what is so splendor about making a stop motion video, but hear me out. Skau created that and started editing videos creatively through the first version of iMovie when she was 12. She has always been a bright person and has obviously evolved and has come a long way ever since. 

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