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Ryan Phillippe’s Three Sibling Sisters – Katelyn, Kirsten and Lindsay


Facts of Ryan Phillippe’s Three Sibling Sisters – Katelyn, Kirsten and Lindsay

Katelyn Phillippe, Kristen Phillippe and Lindsay Phillippe are the three celebrity sibling of Ryan Phillippe. Ryan and his sisters were born to Susan Phillipps and Richards Phillips. 

Susan runs a day care center at her home located in New Castle, Delaware and Richard is a chemical technician. They lead normal lives despite their brothers being a hotshot in the movies industry.

Here are some facts on Ryan Phillippe's three sisters:

Katelyn Phillippe

Katelyn Phillippe is one of Ryan's three sister. She works at the Acts retirement community and leads a very private life with her family. She is the youngest sister and loves everything mermaid (per her Instagram bio).

Kirsten Phillippe - Eldest Sister

Kisten is the eldest sister of Ryan and is already married. She got her husband's last name and goes by the name "Kirsten Mucha" now. Kirsten is also a mommy and has a gorgeous daughter named 'Molly Mucha' who is equally as gorgeous as her mama. 

Kirsten with her daughter, Molly.
Kirsten with her daughter, Molly.
Image Source: Instagram/kirstenmucha

Lindsay Phillippe

Lindsay Phillippe is another married sister of Ryan. She also changed her name into Linday Foret after her marriage and she is blessed with three adorable daughters. She is also a mommy of a dog and all of her family seems to love the dog as well. 

Lindsay with her two cute daughter and her dog.
Lindsay with her two cute daughter and her dog.
Image Source: Instagram/lindsay_foret

Ex-Sister In Law Is Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is the first wife of Lindsay, Katelyn and Kirsten's brother, Ryan Phillippe. The two met on Reese's 21st birthday and started to date ever since. They had their first child few months after they got married and soon, their second child. 

Reese is a famous actress who is famous for her roles in movies like "Legally Blonde", "Cruel Intentions", "Home Again", "Just Like Heaven" and many more. She is also very close with her babies aunties even after her divorce with their brother. 

Nieces and Nephews 

Katelyn, Kristen and Lindsay are the proud aunties of their three adorable niece and nephew. Their first born niece is Ava Elizabeth Phillippe who was born on 9th September 1999. Their second born nephew is Deacon Phillippe and he was born on 23rd October 2003. The two are their brother's kids with Reese Witherspoon. 

The last born niece of the three aunties is named Kai Knapp and she was blessed in this world on 1st July 2011. Kai is Ryan's daughter with Alexis Knapp. 

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