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Ryan Higa and Arden Cho are Not Together Anymore - See Higa’s All Relationship

Published Sun Sep 27 2020 By Aashika
Ryan Higa and Arden Cho are Not Together Anymore - See Higa’s All Relationship

Ryan Higa is a YouTuber whose relationship status has been questioned by many people. Let you know that Higa is currently living a single life.  

Previously, he was in a relationship with actress Arden Cho. They were together for almost 6 years and they broke up in 2020. 

Here is some information about Higa's past and present relationship. 

Relationship with Arden Cho

Ryan Higa revealed his relationship with Arden Cho, an actress known for her music and roles in "Teen Wolf" and "Chicago Maid". He talked about Cho on his YouTube channel on March 2, 2019.  

He first announced in an episode of his 'Off the Pill' podcast that he and Cho were dating. Before making the announcement, the pair dated for almost 5 years. They were spotted many times and also on their vacation trip with each other. Higa and Cho were open on their social account about their relationship.  

Ryan Higa with his ex-girlfriend Arden Cho.
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Rumors of Cheating on Arden Cho

After a year of revelation publicly, Ryan Higa took his channel to share about his breakup and stated the below statement. 

"I don't usually talk about relationship stuff here on YouTube, but just because I made it public - ironically last year - I am no longer dating anyone. I'm not dating [Arden] anymore," he said on his "My Midlife Crisis" video. "I know some of you have already figured it out because of, you know, looking at our other social media, but I never really said anything here o YouTube." 

When he uploaded about the breakup, after a week his ex-girlfriend Arden post day on Instagram account. The post was "I hate you / and all your lies. Make me wish I could turn back the time / to a better day before I called you mine," which went viral as Ryan cheated on Adrea. 

On the reply to this post, Higa twitted 'I don't know who decided I was relevant enough to start a rumor on, but No, I did not cheat on Arden at any point throughout our relationship.' All the rumor of cheating cleared at that time. 

Ex-Girlfriends and Dating 

Higa's first girlfriend is Tarynn Nago, who is a fellow YouTuber and also nigahiga founder. They were together from 2004 to 2009. They remain good friends. 

Ryan and his first girlfriend Tarynn Nigo.
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Later, he dated Andrea Thi in 2010. The two were only together for a brief relationship. In the same year, they got split. 

YouTuber Ryan with his past-girlfriend Andrea Thi on the beachside. 
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