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Get to Know Rowan Francis Henchy - Brooke Shields' Daughter With Chris Henchy

Published Thu Jan 30 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Rowan Francis Henchy - Brooke Shields' Daughter With Chris Henchy

The celebrity child, Rowan Francis Henchy is the daughter of an American screenwriter and producer Chris Henchy and his wife Brooke Shields, who is an actress and model. The couple welcomed their first child Rowan on May 15th, 2003, in Manhattan, New York, United States. 

Henchy's parents picked the name of their daughter before her birth, where 'Rowan' is a Gaelic word, which means 'Little Red Ones'. Similarly, her second name 'Francis' was given after her late grandfather, who died of prostate cancer.

Younger Sister - Grier Hammond Henchy

As previously stated, Rowan is the eldest daughter of her parents and has a younger sister Grier Hammond Henchy. Grier was born on April 18, 2006, in Los Angeles area hospital, the same day Hollywood star Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Daughter Suri Cruise born. 

The bond between sisters is very strong as they are blood-related. The siblings are together as friends and are partner mischievous activities. 

A picture of Rowan with her mother and sister.
Brooke Shields and her daughter came together for a family photo.
Image Source: Getty Images

Parents' Net Worth

Being the daughter of millionaire parents, Rowan Francis Henchy is living a prosperous happy life. Her father, Chris Henchy has a whopping net worth of $15 million as a successful producer and television writer. His dedication as an executive producer in hit movies and television series helped him to accumulate such a massive fortune. 

Rowan's mother, Brooke Shields is an actress, author, and model, whose net worth is estimated to be $25 million. She played the role of Emmeline Lestrange, in romance film; The Blue Lagoon (1980), which collected $58.85 million as a box office. Furthermore, she grabbed $5.6 million from the sales of her property of Manhattan town in 2011.

A photo of Hency's couple.
Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy posing for a photo.
Image Source: Pinterest

Parents' Relationship

Rowan's parents are enjoying their matrimony life as they are in 19 years of a relationship without any news of infidelity. The couple interesting love story start with their first met in 1999, as they were introduced by a mutual friend. The duo's exchange the vows on the 4th of April 2001, on the beach at Catalina Island, off the California coast.  

Prior to their marriage, Brooke Shields was previously married to tennis player Andre Agassi. The ex-lover's dated since 1993 and tied the knot on 19 April 1997. Although they were together for 6 years, they ended up their relationship divorcing on 9 April 1999.

A Subject of Her Mother's Book 

Rowan 16, is very famous for being a catalyst for her mother's autobiography; Down Came the Rain. In the book, Brooke Shields shared her experience of postpartum depression. Being at the middle age of the '30s, it was difficult for her to gave birth to a child.

Brooke posing for a picture with her book.
Brooke promoting her book in an exhibition.
Image Source: Zimbo

Shields had one miscarriage and gone seven rounds of fertility treatments before Rowan was conceived. At the time of the birth, Rowan had hip dysplasia, for which she wore the harness for a few months. For more details, one can buy a book online, where it is available on  Amazon for $20.21 for kindle and $10 for hardcover. 

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