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Get to Know Rosemary Elikolani - Nicole Scherzinger's Mother Who Was a Clerk

Published Thu Feb 25 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Rosemary Elikolani - Nicole Scherzinger's Mother Who Was a Clerk

Rosemary Elikolani got the spotlight as the mother of Nicole Scherzinger. Her daughter is a singer and actress who has appeared in the series 'The Masked Singer', and 'Men In Black 3'. 

Besides this, she is a former clerk who has worked in many banks. She grabbed the attention of the media and public when her daughter became the well-known personality in the industry. 

To know more about Elikolani, swipe up and read the below paragraph.  

How Much Is Net Worth? 

Rosemary Elikolani has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand which she made from her professional life as a clerk. 

Whereas, her daughter Nicole Scherzinger has an impressive amount of net worth which is $14 million whereas her annual income is $3 million. 

Her source of income is from her impressive amount from actress, singer, model, and producer. She also increases her worth as a fashion designer who is the owner of clothing store 'C&A', the store of lingerie, shoes, handbags, handbags, and jewelry. 

She has judged the shows, 'The Sing-Off', 'Australia's Got Talent', and 'The X Factor UK'. 

Mother of Two Children

Elikolani is the proud mother of two daughters, Nicole Scherzinger and Keala Scherzinger. Her eldest daughter was born on 289th June 1978, in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Her younger daughter is from her second marriage. Keala has already married and is the mother of triplets. All the family are close and celebrates the occasion together. 

Rosemary Elikolani with her husband, daughters, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Married Life with Husband

Rosemary Elikolani is married to Gary Scherzinger, German-American who was a welder. 

The couple hasn't revealed their wedding date and love story. Her second husband gave his last name to Scherzinger by adopting her. Their married life has already become more than three decades and are living a happy life. 

Rosemary Elikolani and her spouse Gary Scherzinger and daughter Nicole Scherzinger.
Image Source: StylesRent

Past Marriage 

Before marrying Mr. Scherzinger, the actress's mother was the wife of Alfonso Valiente, of Filipino descent. Their married life ended when Valiente left Rosemary when Nicole was at age of two. After that, they never met and moved on with their life. 

Former Spouse of Rosemary Elikolani, Alfonso Valiente.
Image Source: StarsInformer

Supportive As a Mother 

Like all the mothers, Elikolani has been always a strength to her daughter. In an interview, 'Don't Hold Your Breath' singer has told that her upbringing was difficult "without much money" but her parents supported her in every stage of life. 

Nicole was doing a job as the waitress, local model, and being part of an entertainment troupe of the local amusement park, 'Kentucky Kingdom'. In her today's success, the television personality always thanks her parents for being the best parents and thanks, God. 

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