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Get to Know Rosae Wilkos – TV Personality Steve Wilkos’s Ex-Wife

Published Fri May 08 2020 By Lewis Willman
Get to Know Rosae Wilkos –  TV Personality Steve Wilkos’s Ex-Wife

Rosae Wilkos is Steve Wilkos' first wife, she and Steve were married in 1985 for two short years.

There is no public record of Rosae Wilkos and  Steve Wilkos' union, it looks like these two tried their hands on a wedding just to find it was a bad decision on both their behalves. So, here are a few lesser-known facts on Rosae, that you may like, keep scrolling.

Rosae Name Meaning

The name Rosae originates from Latin literature and English literature, which simply means Rose! Seeing her name is Latin and English form of a name, we assume she is catholic.

Was Rosae Wilkos' Ex-Husband Rich When They Were Together?

Before fame, Rosae's ex-husband Steve Wilkos' worked for the Army and after retirement, he joined the Jerry Springer Show, as a body-guard and later became an integral part of the show, his current net worth is reportedly over $6 million, earned as a successful TV executive producer. 

But while Steve was married to Rosae, he was worth around $350 thousand earned from his military fund.

Lives a Low-Key Life

Another interesting thing about Steve's ex-wife is that she isn't available in any media, and isn't from the entertainment world, like his current wife Rachelle Wilkos. She hasn't been spotted publicly with Steve, ever! which means Rosae has cut all ties with Steve after their separation. 

They share no children

Rosae Wilkos was married to Steve for two years, we don't know the reason behind their separation, but his demanding job in the Army seems to be the catalyst to their divorce. However, despite sharing 24 straight months together, the pair share no children, as of yet!

Ex husband Married twice after Rosae

Though Rosae hasn't shared her current relationship status after separating from the TV show host, her ex-husband Steve married two other women after their separation. Steve married Hannah Wilkos for one year in 1999 and has now been married to Rachelle Wilkos since 2000, and has two children with her as well.

From Left: Ruby, Steve, Rachelle, and Jack Wilkos 

So, these were some unknown facts about Rosae Wilkos, keep up with Glamourpath for more!