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Rory Eleanor Taylor - Roger Taylor’s Daughter With ex-wife Dominique Beynard

Published Tue Oct 01 2019 By DGM
Rory Eleanor Taylor - Roger Taylor’s Daughter With ex-wife Dominique Beynard

Rory Eleanor Taylor is the second child and daughter of the famous drummer of the American rock band 'Queen' Roger Taylor with her ex-wife Dominique Beynard. She was born on the 26th of May, 1986 in London, United Kingdom.

The name 'Rory' is derived from the Scottish and Irish origin and carries the meaning, 'Red-haired King'. And 'Eleanor' is a girl's name according to Greek origin and means 'bright and shining.' Here are some facts about him:

How Much Are Her Parents Worth?

Rory's father is very rich as he comes from a very high income generating profession of music. He has managed to amass a huge net worth of $200 million from his career as a drummer, singer, and drummer of the rock band 'Queen'. 

Her mother on the other hand, is just a normal woman engaged in house works. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million from which almost of the all of it is the value of the big mansion she lives in. The mansion was given to her by Roger as divorce settlement. 

Divorced Parents

Rory Eleanor Taylor's parents Roger and Dominique were married for nearly two decades as they married on February 14, 1988. They started dating in 18 September, 1976 and married after dating for eleven long years. They gave birth to their two children before they got married and were still dating. 

A picture of Roger Taylor and Dominiue Beyrand back then.
Roger Taylor and Dominiue Beyrand back then.
Image Source: Twitter@rogerarchieve

Though the relationship between the two of them was starting to break down by 1988, they walked down the aisle in order to make their kids legal. Though they started staying separate after they married, they divorced in 13 November, 2004. Despite their separation, the estranged couple still remained very good friends and raised their offspring properly as responsible parents. Today, they are very good friends with each other and have a very strong bonding. 

Sibling - Felix Luther

Rory Eleanor Taylor has an elder brother named Felix Luther Taylor from her parents. Her brother is also a drummer like his father but is also involved in other professions like writing and acting. 

A picture of Rory's elder brother Felix Luther Taylor.
Rory's elder brother Felix Luther Taylor.
Image Source: Tumblr


The 33 years old doctor has two three half-siblings from her father and his second wife Debbie Leng. Her half-siblings include a younger brother Rufus Tiger Taylor and two younger sisters Tiger Lilly Taylor and Lola Daisy May Taylor. 

Brother Rufus is also a drummer just like her daddy and elder brother Felix where as both of her younger sisters are fashion models.

Modeled Along Her Younger Sisters

It was back in July of 2015 when Eleanor modeled at the event 'Watches and Jewellery' of Tatle's magazine. She didn't model alone, she did it alongside her beautiful younger sisters who are indeed great models. It was a very great moment to see three gorgeous sisters walk the ramp together. Though it was a first experience for her, she really enjoyed it and will also do it in the future if she gets an opportunity.

A picture of Rory with her younger sisters modeling.
Rory Eleanor Taylor with her younger sisters modeling.
Image Source: 

Education - Alma Mater

Rory went to Bedales School along with her elder brother for her school level education. She completed her masters in science and graduated as a doctor back in July 2011. 

Instagram Account

If you want to know more closely about what the eldest daughter of Roger, Rory Eleanor Taylor is doing, you can follow her on her Instagram. She is present by the name @rorarious and has been able to achieve 15.3k followers.

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