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Facts About Ronald Dyke – Jerry Van Dyke’s Son

Published Mon Aug 05 2019 By DGM
Facts About Ronald Dyke – Jerry Van Dyke’s Son

Ronald J Van Dyke or Ronald Dyke is one of the three children and the only son of the late legendary American actor, comedian and musician Jerry Van Dyke. He is a photographer by profession and has been involved in the field for over a decade.

Ronald had two sisters; Kelly Jean Van Dyke and Jerri Lynn Dyke until Kelly committed suicide back in 1991 after her struggle with substance abuse. Here are the 10 facts about Ronald Van Dyke:

What's his Net Worth?

Ronald Van Dyke has an estimated net worth of $600,000 which he amassed from his professional career as a photographer. 

In average, a photographer in the United States earns an annual salary ranging between $51,115 and $72,684 according to Salary. So, he also earns an amount somewhere between those numbers.

Legendary Actor Jerry Van Dyke's Son

As we mentioned earlier, Ronald is the son of the late legendary actor and comedian, Jerry Van Dyke. He is the only son born to the 'Palm Springs Weekend' star with his first wife Carol Johnson apart from their two daughters. He impersonates his father by physical features as his face and body looks more like his daddy.

Rare picture with grandchild 

We all know that Jerry died at the age of 86, so it is obvious that his son Ron has also crossed the 50 years of his life. 

Ronald has a a daughter and grand daughter too from his daughter and son-in-law with whom he has shared a cute picture on his Instagram. In the caption, he has stated that he misses his grandchild and hates being separated from her. What a loving grandpa he is!

A picture of Ronald J Van Dyke with his grand-daughter.
Ronald J Van Dyke with his grand-daughter.

Photographing Career

Van Dyke is best known for his successful career as a photographer. He has been the photographer for many beautiful models and actresses and captured some nicest pictures of them.

Some of the models that he has worked with are Kate Kuhne, Sofia Minarro and Elsa Sommarstrom. And with his great success in the field, he is recommended by most of the models today. 

Travel Freak

The grandfather of one loves traveling around the finest places of world such as Brazil and Mexico. Whether it is for his professional purpose or for just for adventure, he keeps traveling to some of the beautiful places on Earth. He often uploads pictures of him admiring the scenery and beauty of nature. So, we can say that he is a travel freak indeed.

A picture of Ronald J Van Dyke traveling.
Ronald J Van Dyke loves traveling.


Carol's son has a blog of himself on Smug Mug where he uploads the pictures of models with whom he works. She has developed the site very well and made categories for travel, fashion, people and B & W. He also pictures of different modeling and fashion events in his blog. If you want to more, you can check his website.

Parents & Siblings

The American photographer was born to the late actor, musician and comedian, Jerry Van Dyke and his first spouse, Carol Johnson. He was one of the three children that the estranged couple had together. Besides him, the other two kids of Jerry are Kelly Jean Van Dyke and Jerri Lynn Dyke

Loves Music

Have you ever heard the term 'Like father, Like son'? Well, it is because the talented photographer also loves music just like his musician dad. He often performs gigs on several restaurants of Mexico where he plays guitar and sings along. We can find a junior Jerry in Ronald who is very much into music.

Death of Sister, Kelly

In 1991, Ronald's sister Kelly committed suicide and died following a very harsh struggle with substance abuse. The incident broke the family into half and left the members devastated by the loss they had. Since then, his only sister left is Jerry Lynn Dyke who is a businesswoman.

Instagram Account

Ronald J Van Dyke has an Instagram account by the name @vandykefotoraw which has a followers' base of 303. He has posted 129 posts till date from which majority are of the models that he has worked with. He uploads pictures on IG in a regular interval.

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