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Ron Teigen Sr. - Facts About Chrissy Teigen's Father

Published Tue Apr 19 2022 By sijal
Ron Teigen Sr. - Facts About Chrissy Teigen's Father

Ron Teigen is a popular media personality known as the father of successful Hollywood actress and model Chrissy Teigen. Ron is an ordinary business and a democratic person who doesn't support politicians and their political games.

Ron is almost in his 50s and was born in Mississippi, United States. Teigen has forgotten almost everything including his parents' names as well.

How did Ron get the highlight in the media?

The father Teigen got the limelight in the media after attending award functions with his beloved famed daughter. Ron is also a kind of father who will go through all the hardships alone for sake of their children. 

His hard work and faith have made his daughter so famed and reputed personality in Hollywood. Although, he is known by his daughter's name Chrissy believes she is in that position cause of his father's courage and support. 

What did Ron do for a Living?

Ron Teigen is a real devotee of Democracy, because of his interest in politics and making a development he joined the Democratic Political Party.

He had been working in this field for many years by now. As of now, he has become the senior executive of the Democratic party. Ron is getting older now and it's his children's responsibility to take care of him after his retirement.

Ron Teigen tattooed his daughter face in his arms wearing a black t -shirt and jacket standing with his tattoo artist
Ron Teigen tattooed Chrissy's face on his arm with the help of tattooer Mark Mahoney. source: Instagram @Chrissyteigen 

Ron's marital relationship status

Ron Teigen was married to Vilailuck Teigen with whom he got his two daughters Chrissy and Tina Teigen. Vilailuck is a Thai born and she was a new person to Ron when they were getting married.

Even after that all nationality and language barriers they stick to each other as a happily married couple since 1981.

 But all of a sudden Ron filled for the divorce cause of irreconcilable problems as Vilaliuck was living far away from him with her daughter Chrissy. 

The American model's mother is now a cook and the author of the book "The Pepper Thai Cookbook". Ron and Vilailuck haven't gotten together nor have done second marriage.

Ron Teigen with his family attending an award function wearing a floral printed dark grey shirt
Ron Teigen with ex-wife Vilailuck and daughter Chrissy Teigen. source: @Very Celeb

Net Worth of Ron

The father of the voice actor of the cartoon character Crystal from the movie Hotel Transylvania 3 has been earning enough money even though he is 50 years old now.

The total estimated net worth of Ron Teigen is more than $1 million dollars as of 2022. He lived alone in his house located in Los Angeles California whereas his ex-wife and daughter live in Beverly Hills' mansion. 

How many grandchildren does Ron have?

The democratic party's senior is a great grandfather. His daughter Chrissy and son-in-law John Legend who is a famed American singer and songwriter are blessed with two children Luna Simone Stephenson and Miles Theodore

Their daughter Simone was born on April 14, 2016, and their son on May 16, 2018. From his second daughter Tina, Ron has only one grandaughter Pasha

Ron usually visits his grandchildren and loves playing with them. Ron Teigen is so in love with his daughter and no doubt he has done ink of Chrissy's face on his left hand.

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