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Ron Perlman's Net Worth - Car Collections and Cali Mansion

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By aisha
Ron Perlman's Net Worth - Car Collections and Cali Mansion

Ron Perlman is an American actor and voice actor with a fantastic net worth of $15 million which he amasses from his acting career in Hell boy, Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim, and others. 

Ron is also very popular in voice-overs as he has done many voice-overs in Fallout, DC Animated Universe, Tangled, and Adventure times. 

He has played on the television series- Drama, Beauty and the beast(1987–1990) as Vincent for which he has won the Golden Globe Award for his best performance.

Net Worth and Source of Income

69 years old, Perlman is still acting after giving 40 years of his career to film industry and has earned $15 million from his career. His huge source of net worth is from his acting career and through his deep, rolling voice which helped him to amass this net worth.

Successful Movies

Ron has played many roles throughout his career but his most unforgetful roles are in, The City of Lost Children, Hellboy, The Name of the Rose, Romeo is bleeding, The Adventure of Husk Finn, Enemy at the gates, Sleepwalker and Desperation, BladeII.

Perlman has also for his voice-overs in Tangled, Danny Phantom as Mr.Lancer, The Lich in Adventure Time, Justice in Afro Samurai, and various characters in DC Comics.

Producing Movie

Ron has officially announced his endorsement for Kamala Harris for 2020 and will be producing To Dust movie which is getting good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Hell Boy Earnings

Ron Perlman as Hell boy
Ron Perlman as Hell boy.
Imange Source: Polygon

He is best known for his role in Hell boy which is about a half-demon who was summoned to earth as a baby was a bit hit in 2004 that earned $99 million while its making budget was only $66 million. 

Hellboy sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army was an even bigger success than its first sequel which was made on $85 million and made $160 million in 2008. Ron also won the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for the best actor in Hellboy II.

Drives Tesla Car

Ron getting out of his Mercedes Benz E350
Ron getting out of his Mercedes Benz E350
Image Source: Celebrity Cars Blog

It is seem that Perlman is fond of luxurious cars as he own Tesla worth $35,000 and Mercedes Benz E350 worth $53,500 which we can compete with the BMW 5-series and the Audi A6.

House in California

Ron Perlmon's house
Ron Perlmon's house
 Image Source: Taddlr

Perlman owns a stunning mansion which is in Los Angeles, California with a swimming pool, 5 bedrooms with a huge ground in front of his house which is perfect for enjoying West Coast sunshine worth $3 million.

Owns a dog - Pitbull and Jack Russell

Ron Perlman owns a Pitbull type dog which is $800 to $1000 worth and is a rescue dog that is taken care of by Ron and a Jack Russell, Nigel which is $750 to $1000. 

But keeping a Jack Russell is something that will leak your pocket every month than any other breed. Because Russel's expenses of food, vitamins, medicines are a bit higher. 

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