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Rodney Carrington's $10 Million Net Worth - Sold His Mansion in $8.5M and Know All His Biggest Earnings

Published Wed Nov 11 2020 By Aashika
Rodney Carrington's $10 Million Net Worth - Sold His Mansion in $8.5M and Know All His Biggest Earnings

Rodney Carrington has a net worth of around $10 million. He managed to amass as a music artist who has recorded eight major record label comedy albums, which have sold millions of copies.

Besides that, he also adds some money in the bank as a comedian, actor, singer, and writer. His first album was released in 1998 which is 'Hagin' with Rodney'. Most of Carrington's albums consist of both stand-up comedies and original songs.

Here is some information about Carrington's source of income. 

Earning from Albums

Rodney Carrington is a musician who has a unique genre of making songs. His first album was released in Mercury Records Nashville which was peaked at No.73 on Top Country Albums. 

In 2000, his superhit collection "Morning Wood" was affirmed gold by RIAA which earned $500,000. Similarly, the third album "Nut Sack" came out in 2003. Other albums such as "Biggest Hits" ($1 million), "Laughter's Good" ($25,800), "Tulsa chateau" ($8,500,000), and so on.

Album 'Kings of the Mountains'.
 Image Source: Pinterest 

Appearances in Movies and Series

Carrington has also tried his luck in the acting field and has earned some amount of income. He made a debut from his own sitcom series Rodney, aired on ABC for two seasons in 2004. Then appeared in the films 'Beer for My Horses' and 'The Longest Yard'. After these, he did not appear in any movies and series.  

Earning from Theatre

The television personality is also a theater actor who has played in a different theater. Through which he drew approximately $1.5 million. He acted in Carolina Theatre, Crown Theatre, Stiefel Theatre, and other 50 theatres across the United States. 

Rodney Carrington LIVE at Cedar Park.
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Income Through YouTube Channel

American Country Awards, winner Carrington is active on YouTube channel since 2007, where he uploads his performances and music video. His channel gained more than 155k subscribers.

According to payscale, the average income as YouTuber is around $28,000 per year. However, his highest viewing video is '"If I'm The Only One" which has over 10 million views that led him to increase gross. 


The actor is working as a motivational speaker which also definitely increases his wealth. Carrington is hired for speaking engagements, guest appearances, product endorsements, and corporate events. He served for business, a non-profit organization, events, and companies for which he charges over $30,000.  

Sold Luxurious Mansion

Rodney Carrington sold his house which is located in Tulsa Oklahoma that is on 20 acres of land. The mansion was sold for $8.5 million in 2016. 

Rodney Carrington sold Tulsa Mansion for $8.5 million.
 Image source: Real estate

It occupied 7,526-square-foot home's stately interiors feature dark woods and neutral walls, from the wood inlay ceiling in the grand office to the majestic master bathroom, with floor-to-ceiling vanities.  

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