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About Rodney Carrington - Pictures and Personal Life of Stand-Up Comedian

Published Sun Nov 22 2020 By Aashika
About Rodney Carrington - Pictures and Personal Life of Stand-Up Comedian

Rodney Carrington is a well-known person as an actor and stand-up comedian. He is also a singer who is famous for his unique style of genre which is recorded in a neotraditional country style. 

Born on October 19, 1968, in Longview, Texas, the United States and his zodiac sign is Libra. He is the son of Robert Carrington (father) and Emily Carrington (mother) and has two siblings Robert Carrington Jr. and his sister Shanna Carrington. 

Here are some facts about Rodney Carrington that you should know. 

How Much Does Carrington Earning and Net Worth?

Carrington has an impressive amount of net worth $10 million. His income source is from his profession as an actor, comedian, and musician. He has been active in the entertainment field since 1998. 

The musician released his first album, 'Hangin' in collaboration with Rodney. Likewise, he has nine more albums, seven singles, and three music videos through which he has collected a huge amount.  Besides, he has appeared in series and films like 'Rodney,' 'Beer for My Horses,' and 'The Longest Yard.' 

Christmas and Compilation Albums 

Rodney has a Christmas song, and rescued one Christmas album entitle ‘Make it Christmas’, and his first top 40 single ‘Camouflage and Christmas Lights’ in December 2009. 

Moreover, he has released a collecting album, entitled ‘Greatest Hits’ in 2004, which ultimately achieved platinum in the US, while it also reached No. 11 on the Us Country chart.

Married Life with Terri Carrington

'Laughter's Good' singer was married to Terri, the speech-language pathology. The couple is known each other since their college days and started dating after spending time together. 

In 1993, they move a step ahead and tied the knot. The pair were in happy married life for almost 18 years and are blessed with three sons. However, their relationship couldn't be for a lifetime and got divorced in 2011. 

Ex-wife Terri Carrington.
Image Source: NaiBuzz

Reason for Divorce

Carrington and his ex-wife Terri has to end their married life due to the comedian was busy with his profession. After the divorce, he gave a good amount of alimony and child support to his then-wife. 

Has Three Sons

He is the father of three young children, Zac Carrington, Sam Carrington, and George Carrington. His eldest child, Zac is working as the sales representative at the USA Medical Partners and studying at Tulsa Community College. 

Whereas the actor's second son, Sam Carrington's personal information has not opened. But the youngest son is active on a social media platform and usually shares his pictures. 

Rodney Carrington's three children with their mother. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Has a YouTube Channel

Since 2007, Rodney has been active on Youtube where he has more than 155k subscribers. On the sites, he usually uploads his live show's music videos. There are thousands of views in his videos but the highest views video is 'If I'm The Only One'.  

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