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Get to Know Rochelle Roman - Pictures and Facts of Athlete Baron Corbin's Wife

Published Thu Jan 14 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Rochelle Roman - Pictures and Facts of Athlete Baron Corbin's Wife

Rochelle Roman came into the limelight after she became the wife of Baron Corbin. Her husband is a well-known personality who is a professional wrestler and former NFL.

On 29th August 1991, she landed in this world in Tampa, Florida, United States and her sun sign is Virgo. Roman is the daughter of Carlos Roman and Ivonne Roman. 

Here is some info about Roman to know more. 

How Much Does Roman's Net Worth?

Rochelle Roman has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. She is a licensed Registered Nurse in Florida and is working at the hospital. 

While her husband, Corbin has a $1.5 million net worth which he makes from his career as a professional wrestler. Also, he earned a considerable amount of worth as an NFL player. His salary in the field of wrestling is $285,000. 

Married Life With Baron Corbin

Rochelle Roman got married to the 'King of the Ring', Thomas "Tom" Pestock aka Baron Corbin on 29th April 2017. 

Their wedding ceremony took place in Clearwater, Florida in the presence of a few family and friends. Before their marriage, the couple keep their relationship secret and away from the media. 

The duo has been enjoying married life for 3 years and is blessed by a daughter.  

Rochelle Roman with her celebrity husband Baron Corbin. 
Image Source: Richathletes

Past Relationship

Roman's past love affair is under the curtain but the wrestler, Corbin's relationship is always been in the headline. 

He was dating Maria Brink before Roman. His former girlfriend is a singer and songwriter who is a member of the musical band 'This Moment'. They were in a relationship in 2013 but got broke up after some years. The pair were seen often sharing pictures on social sites.  

Baron Corbin and his former girlfriend Maria Brink.
Image Source: Pinterest

Mother of One

She is the mother of an adorable daughter. In April 2019, she gave birth to her first child. Though her picture has not been revealed yet, on August 28, 2019, Baron shared a picture holding the baby girl.

A picture of her baby girl with the father.
Image Source: Instagram 

Has Luxury House

Without any doubt, being the wife of a millionaire, Roman has been living a lavish lifestyle. 

She lives with her husband and daughter in Odessa Florida. The house has 3,856 square feet that include four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a swimming pool, a boat dock, and many others. Corbin bought the house by the wrestler The Big Show. 

A house in  Odessa Florida.
Image Source: TR Show

Two Pet

A nurse is fonds of pets like her spouse. At the home, there is a dog which is a Great Dane breed. They called him the name 'Xander'. They spent most of the time with their pet and posts some pictures of him. 

A Great Dane breed which they called  'Xander'.
Image Source: Instagram 

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