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Get to Know Robin Christensen - Roussimoff André The Giant's Daughter With Jean Christiansen

Published Fri Jan 01 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Robin Christensen - Roussimoff André The Giant's Daughter With Jean Christiansen

Robin Christensen Roussimoff is a celebrity kid who is the daughter of Andre Rene Roussimoff. Her father is professionally known as "Andre the Giant" who was a wrestler and actor. 

She was born with the silver spoon in her mouth as only one child of Andre the Giant and late Jean Christiansen in 1979. Aside from her parents, she is also famous for her professional life as an actress and wrestler. 

Here is some information to known Robin.   

Denied As A Daughter 

Andre the Giant first denied that Robin Christensen Roussimoff is his daughter. As we know, he was suffered from Acromegaly which also makes one unable to have children. 

When she memorizes her childhood Andre and Robin went doctor's clinic for a paternity test. After that, the result came positive whereas, in her whole life, she has met the father only 5 times.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff with her parents.
Image Source: Pinterest

Net Worth: $300 Thousand

Roussimoff has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand which she made through her successful career. As a wrestler, she has played as a defender which shows that she is following Andre's legacy. 

Robin appeared in the movie "Andre the Giant" in 2018. Recently, she spotted in the promotion of the book "Andre the Gaint: Closer to Heaven" which was written by Brandon M. Easton.

Father's Wealth

Robin's father Andre the Giant had a considerable amount of net worth $10 million. He was a French legendary wrestler and actor. In 1964, he moved to Paris and got trained by local promoter, Robert Lagat. 

Roussimoff had won numerous championships such as WWF, WWF World Tag Team, WWF Hall of Fame, and many more. Being an actor, his first appearances was from the tv series, 'The Six Million Dollar Man'.  

WWF Championship Andre the Giant.
Image Source: Twitter

Relationships and Love Life

An actress is not in a relationship yet and living a single life. She has been maintaining her personal life away from the media. Roussimoff is silent when it comes to her love life. Though, she has not been in the affair, as she dedicated her time and focused on the career. 

Tattoos on Her Body

Robin has done multiple tattoos on her body. She has printed Andre Rene Roussimoff's ink on hand which is in the remembrance of the father. On her chest, there is a sentence in the French Language, likewise, we can see her both hands full of tattoos. 

Robin Christensen Roussimoff's tattoos on her body. 
Image Source: Dresher

Parent's Married Life

Robin Christensen Roussimoff's father 'The Eight Wonder of the World' wrestler met his wife in the mid-1970s. The two started dating and got wedded in Canada at a private wedding. 

Christensen was a sewing and costume designer. After the birth of their child, the couple decided to get a divorce. 

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