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Facts About Robie Uniacke Who is a Businessman and Researcher

Published Sat Jul 04 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Robie Uniacke Who is a Businessman and Researcher

Robie Uniacke is a well-known British businessman and mathematical researcher. Besides business, he gains fame afterbeing in a relationship with actress Rosamund Pike, who is popular for her notable work in the movie ‘Gone Girl’.

He was born in the year 1961 in the United Kingdom (England). He lies under a Cancer zodiac sign. Uniacke was educated at Eton College in Windsor, England. He is fluent in Mandarin.

Here are some amazing facts about Uniacke.

What's His Net Worth?

Robie Uniacke has an enormous amount of net worth $9 million which he made his massive income through his business. He established an IT consultancy company, Pale Fire Ltd, in 2010 which later was declared insolvent and was dissolved in 2016. Before, he was the owner of three companies.

Love Life with Rosamund Pike

The businessman Uniacke met his long-term partner Rosamund Pike in 2009. They started dating and get very close to each other. Even, in every up and down of Uniacke's career, Pike has been supporting him. 

Both have been in a relationship for 11 years. The pair has two children but is in no rush to get married. They are happy with their current relationship status. 

Robie Uniacke with his girl friend Rosamund Pike.
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Previous Married Life

Robie was married twice before he started dating Pike. He was married to Emma Howard, a daughter of the late Earl of Carlise. They tied their knot in 1983 but can't make their marriage so far. They had a son together.

After divorce with his first wife, he exchanged his vows with interior designer Rose Batstone. The couple had three kids. After having three kids also the pair couldn't take their married life. 

Has Six Children

Uniacke is the father of six children; one from first wife, three from the second wife, and two from a current girlfriend. His children's names are Atom Uniacke, Florence Uniacke, Hector Uniacke, Olive Uniacke, Robie Janjo Uniacke, and Solo Uniacke. 

With all his kids, he has a good relationship. He also takes his children on vacation and spends a quality of life.

His two sons from his current girlfriend.
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Parents and Siblings

Mathematical Researcher, Robie is the son of Robie David Corbett Uniacke (father) and Jennifer Sally Cunningham (mother). He grew up with his siblings Camilla Alexander Uniackle, and two half-siblings Casper John Uniacke and Kate Uniacke who are from his father's side.

Drug Addiction

In his past, he was struggling with drug addiction. Even, Uniacke and his first wife, Emma Howards were both heroin addicts which also led to their divorce. They had spent some days in rehab. He is now free from addiction and living a sober life.

Financial Crisis 

Being a business tycoon the person has to face ups and downs on his business. The same case was with Robie Uniacke, he got mat into financial issues. His IT consultancy company where he was serving as a director of a company that was declared insolvent and dissolved in 2016. 

After investigations were launched into the company's collapse, liquidators revealed that Uniacke was the one who had filed to pay a £179,602 as tax payments to HMRC but also withdraw massive amount i.e. £133,000 from company's account. That money was used for his personal use neither for the business use. 

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