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Who is Roberta Raffel?

Published Fri Jan 27 2023 By sush
Who is Roberta Raffel?

If you are a business-aspired individual, you must've watched The Profit, right? The show features the head of the Camping World, Marcus Lemonis. Then, what about Roberta Raffel? Have you ever heard of her? 

Roberta is an American entrepreneur and businesswoman who is the co-owner of Camping World. Moreover, she is the wife of the businessman and television star, Marcus Lemonis. She got into the limelight after she married the CEO of Camping World. And now, she lives with her husband in Lake Forest, United States.

The businesswoman is also known by her nickname Bobbi. She also has her own fashion business called Marcus Boutiques. Before being such a successful businesswoman, she previously worked as a sales manager supervising runways and modeling agencies' logistics. So, let's know more about the strong-willed woman who built her road to success. 

What is  Roberta Raffel's Net Worth?

As stated above, the wife of the businessman Marcus Lemonis, Roberta, is herself a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She has been in the business for over a few decades, even before she married her husband. So, everything already screams that she is a millionaire.

The millionaire Roberta Raffel on her social media..
The millionaire Roberta Raffel on her social media.
Source: Instagram (@bobbilemonis)

Roberta Raffel has an estimated net worth of over $50 million. She has also invested $1.3 million in her fashion entrepreneur apparently and bought 99094 shares in Marcus Lemonis' company Camping World. And now, she owns a 48% share of her husband's company Camping World, becoming the company's co-owner. 

She also owns an online store named Shop Marcus, which mixes the experience of luxury fashion, home interiors & expert personal stylists. The brand is available in Chicago, Aspen, and Montecito. And let's not forget that her husband has a colossal net worth of over $500 million.  

Early Life and Parents 

Roberta was born on September 21, 1953, in the United States. She is Caucasian and was brought up in a Christian household. Moreover, her parents are Kenneth Fenchel Sima and Millicent Fenchel. Also, she is the eldest child of her family and has a younger brother named Stephen Fenchel and a younger sister named Mickey Fenchel Sima.

Roberta Raffel's parents, Kenneth Fenchel Sima and Millicent Fenchel.
Roberta Raffel's parents, Kenneth Fenchel Sima and Millicent Fenchel. 
Source: Instagram (@bobbilemonis)

Moreover, Roberta's father, Kenneth, was a World War II veteran. Along with that, he was also a massive supporter of the Lamp Industry in Chicago for over 30 years. However, he died back in 2013. And after 5 years of his death, Roberta's mother also passed away in November 2018.

Roberta's Career

The well-known businesswoman Roberta started her career as soon as she graduated. She started working as a sales manager supervising logistics in runways and modeling agencies. Working in the modeling industry, she got a better grasp of fashion and trends. Though she has gained her share of fame, she has had no career highlights.

However, the businesswoman, Roberta was a wise woman. Not only did she manage to sell her business to Marcus, but she also made a wise decision to invest in her husband's company Camping World. And now, she owns 48% of the company's shares.

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Moreover, Roberta also started her own boutique named Marcus Boutiques, where she started her business with her husband. And she had proposed an investment opportunity to her husband for Roberta's fashion business. 

Married To Marcus Lemonis

As already mentioned, Roberta Raffel is married to the business icon Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World. The couple got married on 17 February 2018. They had a private ceremony at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles with only their close friends and family in attendance. 

Marcus Lemonis and Roberta Raffel got wed at Hotel-Bel-Air in Los Angeles.
Marcus Lemonis and Roberta Raffel got wed at Hotel-Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Source: People

Moreover, it was reported that Roberta and Marcus originally planned to get married in January near their Montecito home in California. But the plan got canceled due to the mudslides and fire in Santa Barbara. Nonetheless, the couple overcame the hassles and challenges together. 

It was also reported that the couple wrote their vows themselves. And after their wedding ceremony was over, both said the same thing;

“Mine was longer since I already talk too much”

However, before Roberta married Marcus Lemonis, she was married to a man named Les Raffel. The fact that she was previously married was revealed with her former husband's name being written on her father's obituary as her other half. However, she has never talked about her former partner and marriage. So not much is known about her previous marriage.

Roberta And Marcus' Famous Encounter

If you are a fan of Marcus from CNBC's reality series, The Profit you must have heard about the infamous first meeting of Roberta and her husband Marcus. The businessman hasn't kept their first meeting a secret and has talked about it several times. Moreover, it was like a cut scene from a movie, so it is quite known among his viewers and fans.

Roberta Raffel with her husband, Marcus Lemonis.
Roberta Raffel with her husband, Marcus Lemonis.
Source: Instagram (@bobbilemonis)

Roberta and Marcus met two years before they got married, in 2016, at COTERIE, a women's fashion trade event. At the event, Roberta was present as the representative of her company Runway, while Marcus was present as a buyer for Camping World.

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As the CEO of Camping World and star of The Profit, Roberta was quick to recognize Marcus. And then, Roberta approached Marcus and told him to buy her business. Moreover, she was able to actually make him buy her business. He revealed all this in his interview with People. He said;

“She tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get off my phone: ‘Hey, buy my business,’ Today we now have ML Fashion Group with retail stores and designer brands we own, and it’s run by a young lady who was on The Profit, Stephanie Menkin. Small world, isn’t it?”

Soon after, in December 2017, the couple started dating. Eventually, Marcus proposes to Roberta with "a secret Santa gift" on Christmas. And she gladly accepted to get married. And two months later, the couple got married. 

A Huge Age Difference Of 20 Years

If you haven't noticed yet, the business couple, Roberta and Marcus have a huge age difference of over 20 years. As stated above, Roberta was born in 1953 while her husband, Marcus, was born on November 16, 1973. She was around 65 when she got married, while her husband Marcus was around 45. 

Since they have such a huge age difference, their marital relationship and bond may seem impossible to some people. However, despite the odds, the couple has led a healthy and lovely relationship. And thus, they have proved that their age difference never became a hurdle in their relationship. 

Let's Know More About Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis is a Lebanese-born American businessman and TV personality who starred in the CNBC reality show known as a philanthropist. He is currently CEO of Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises, and Gender RV. 

Marcus was born on November 16, 1973, in Lebanon. He was born to his parents Abdallel Lebanon and Nadia. Moreover, his father is from Lebanon while his mother is from Syria.  Similarly, he graduated from Christopher Columbus High School in Florida in 1991. As of now, he has an estimated net worth of $500 million which he earns from his different companies. 

Children From The Previous Relationship

Roberta was already around 65 years old when she got married to the business tycoon Marcus Lemonis. So, the couple giving birth to a child is out of the question. However, as per her social media and other sources, she is a mother of two kids, whom she had from her previous relationship.

Roberta Raffel with her daughter and granddaughter on the left and son and daughter-in-law on the right.
Roberta Raffel with her daughter and granddaughter on the left and son and daughter-in-law on the right. (Source: celebsuburb)

The entrepreneur Roberta has a son and a daughter. They are both grown-ups, who are already married and parents. However, though she keeps on sharing pictures of her kids and grandkids, she has never actually revealed their names. 

Moreover, as per the sources' claims, Roberta's daughter is also in the fashion industry like her. And she also attended Roberta's wedding with Marcus. 

Roberta Is Available On Instagram

After getting married to the star of The Profit, Marcus Lemonis, Roberta has gained quite a lot of exposure as a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. So though she didn't seem to be active on social media before, she is now active on Instagram with many followers.

On Instagram, Roberta is active under @bobbilemonis. She also has quite a presence with over 34.7k followers. She often shares her daily life and moments and voices her opinions. However, she wasn't found to be active on other social media platforms. 

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