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Meet Robert Sheehan - "Klaus Hargreeves" From The Umbrella Academy

Published Sat Jan 18 2020 By DGM
Meet Robert Sheehan - "Klaus Hargreeves" From The Umbrella Academy

Robert Michael Sheehan, often known as only Robert Sheehan, is a famous Irish actor who appeared as Klaus Hargreeves in 2019's hit Netflix action television series 'The Umbrella Academy'. He is also known for his appearances in another hit series like 'Misfits'.

Sheehan was born on the 7th of January, 1988, in Portlaoise of Ireland. Here are some facts about him:

What's his Net Worth?

Robert Sheehan has been immensely successful in his professional career as an actor. He has accumulated an impressive number of $2 million as his net worth from his acting career in movies and television shows.

Previously Dated Sofia Boutella

Sheehan was previously in a relationship with actress Sofia Boutella. The two stars started dating back in March 2014 when they worked together in the movie 'Jet Tresh' which released in 2016. After growing close to each other so quickly, their relationship started creating buzz in the internet world. As they started appearing together in public very often, fans easily knew that they were dating. However, their relationship couldn't last for ever.

A picture of Robert Sheehan with his ex-girlfriend, actress Sofia Boutella.
Robert Sheehan with his ex-girlfriend, actress Sofia Boutella.
Image Source: Getty Images

By 2017, rumors started circulating that Sofia was dating her co-star from 'The Mummy', Chris Pine. Plus, the fact that Boutella and Pine were often seen flirting with each other at promotional events and television shows made the relationship between Robert and his girlfriend weak. The two officially announced that they were no longer together by October 2018 but still remained good friends.

Shares Birthday With Famous Actress

Sheehan was born on the day when another famous actress from the Hollywood Industry was born. He shares his birthday with the 'The Magnificent Seven' star Haley Bennett. The two actors were born on the exact same date i.e. 7th of January, 1988. It is very amazing that the two sensational actors from two different countries were born on the same day.

Parents & Siblings

Robert was born to parents: father Joe Sheehan and mother Maria Sheehan. His father is a police officer whereas his mother is a housewife. He isn't the only child born to his parents. In fact, he is the youngest of the three siblings of his parents which means that he has two elder siblings. His elder siblings include of a brother named Brendan Sheehan and sister named Shauna Sheehan. His elder brother is a mortgage broker as well as a director of fitness supplements.  

A picture of Robert Sheehan with his parents and siblings.
Robert Sheehan with his parents and siblings.
Image Source: Noted Names

Losing Roles Because of Status

Robert said in interview that he has lost several roles in his career because he wasn't of high status. He told that in his 20s, filmmakers wouldn't cast him for roles because they didn't think that he was of enough high class to play the role. As he knew that he would surely play the roles nicely, the only thing that didn't let him was his status which in the director's eyes wasn't so good. Hence, he has had a very rough starting during his acting career. As of now, the star surely is at the best status of his career following the sucess of 'The Umbrella Academy' which starred along Aidan Gallagher and Ashley Madekwe.

Has a 90s' Movie as His Favorite

Every single people who have been through the amazing years of 90s as a child or teenager know that those years were fantastic. Movies and television shows at that time used to be one of a special kind. Like most of us, Robert also has a favorite movie which he uses to become nostalgic at times. He once stated in an interview that his favorite movie is from the 90s' era which was 'American Beauty', the hit drama-comedy film. The movie is still favorite of thousands like the Irish actor.

Physical Specifications

Robert stands tall at a height of 6 feet (1.83 m) and weighs around 154 lbs (69 kg). He has dark brown hair along with natural Hazel eyes and doesn't have any tattoos on his body.

A picture of Robert Sheehan  is a tall, handsome man.
Robert Sheehan  is a tall, handsome man.
Image Source: Dre Share

Social Media Presence

Sheehan is present on social sites where he usually keeps updating pictures and videos. On Instagram, his account goes by the name @rozzymikes where he has gained 996K followers. He also has an account on Twitter by the name @RobMSheehan which has over 342.2K followers

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