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About Richard Roxburgh - Details and Pictures of Personal Life of Australian Actor

Published Sun Dec 27 2020 By Aashika
About Richard Roxburgh - Details and Pictures of Personal Life of Australian Actor

Richard Roxburgh is an Australian actor who is renowned as a Boyd of the film ‘Doing Time for Patsy Cline’. For his outstanding performance as a lead role, he won the Australian Film Institute Award. 

He is the youngest child of John Roxburgh and Mary Roxurgh among their six children. On 23rd January 1962, he came into this world in Albury, New South Wales, Australia. 

Roxburgh was a student of Australian National University, in Canberra and done schooling at Albury High School.

Take a look at some interesting facts about Roxburgh.

How much does he have net worth?

Richard Roxburgh has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has been earning through his acting career in the film industry. The actor has a degree from the National Institute of Dramatic Art and began working in the Sydney Theatre Company. 

His debut movie is 'The Riddle of the Stinson' in 1987 as Proud. After that, he never looked back and get success in his life, whereas appeared in numerous movies and series. Colloca's husband will appear in films, 'Go Karts' 'Rake' nd 'Elvis'. 

Sold Luxurious House

The millionaire actor sold his Bilgola Plateau house for $2 million. It is located on Sydney's northern beaches which have five bedrooms and has all facilities. 

Bilgola Plateau house in Sydney's northern beaches that was sold. 
Image Source: Daily Mail

Met Life Partner on Set

Roxburgh met his future wife, Silvia Colloca on the set of ‘Van Helsing’. His life partner is an Italian actress, author, opera singer, and cook. 

They worked together on the movie where Richard played the character Dracula while Colloca was his wife.  After working together, the duo fell in love.

Wedding Ceremony 

The two celebrities got married on 25th September 2004. Their wedding ceremony took place at the medieval castle Castello di Montalto. Since then, the couple has been enjoying their married life along with their children and took the promise of being for a lifetime. 

Richard Roxburgh and his lovely Italian wife Silvia Colloca. 
Image Source: Daily Mail

Father of Three

Bob Hawke of 'The Crown' is the father of three children. His first child is Raphael Jack Domenico Roxburgh in 2007 and the second son is Miro Gianni David Roxburgh, born in 2010. 

Later, he welcomed his little princess, Luna Roxburgh. The family of five is currently residing in Syndey. 

 Luna Roxburgh, Raphael Jack Domenico Roxburgh, and Miro Gianni David Roxburgh.
Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Children’s Book Writer

Not only in acting, but he is also an author who has written a book 'Artie and the Grime Wave'. It was published by Allen & Unwin on 12th October 2016. 

The story is about the narrator Artie and his best friend Bumshoe have to stumble upon a Cave-of-Possibly-Stolen-Stuff. In the book, there are some characters like scary Mary, fang-toothed Funnel-web, and the devious Mayor Grime. 

An author of 'Artie and the Grime Wave'.
Image Source: Youtube

Lives Private Life 

As a being celebrity, Roxburgh maintains his personal life under the curtain and keeps his distance from the media. In fact, he is not like other celebs who are active on social media. 

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