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Richard Rawlings' Massive Net Worth - Nine Expensive Cars and House in Texas

Published Mon Jul 19 2021 By praju
Richard Rawlings' Massive Net Worth - Nine Expensive Cars and House in Texas

The approximated Net Worth of Richard Rawlings is $18 million. He is a famous as social media Influencer, and Buisness person.

He makes a fortune mainly through his TV show Fast N' Loud where he is the host and his restaurant Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill where he is the owner. As of now, His estimated monthly income is $150,000 from his capital investment.

Also, from each episode of Fast N' Loud, Rawling makes $50000.

Richard's restaurant Gas Monkey Bar and Grill he makes quite sustainable earning for himself. In addition, he extended his revenue stream with $30000, on the side.


Richard Rawlings is the owner of 9 different expensive cars. He got his first car from his earning at the age of 14. The cars which he owned are one of the best cars produced by America.

The car collector also have interest to collect different valuable copper motorcycles. He likes to flaunt his expensive vehicles in his social media networks.

1968 Shelby Mustang$173,000
1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am$76,000
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat$60,990
1967 Pontiac Firebird$175,000
1951 Ford "Fordillac"NA
1970 Dodge Challenge$188,700
1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition$568,496
Ferrari 599 GTB$310,543
2021 Ram TRX$69,995

These are the 9 different cars owned by Richard.

Source: Facebook@ Richard Rawlings

House in Dallas, Texas

Besides other Investment The Fast N' Loud star also likes to invest in real states. He is a owner of lavish mansion i.e $1.7 million house which is located in Dallas, Texas. 

The house is build with brick with 3,933 square foot. The house contains Zen garden, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, mad men bar style, multiple decks, sunken bath tube, outside master bath. In 2021 his mansion market value is millions of dollar.

Source: Virtual Globetrotting

Divorce Settlement:

Richard Rawlings had three failed marital life. His first wife was Karen K Grames whereas second wife was Suzanne Marie Mergele. Richard and Suzanne got married and separated twice. 

The divorce settlement with his ex wives cost him millions of dollar. He divided his numerous valuable assets with his ex wives. He also gave his former wife Mercedes SL 450 roadster which cost around $91,000 and large sum of money.


Source: Facebook@ Richard Rawlings

In July 7, 2020 Richard Rawlings got married to Katerina Deason in Key West. The lovebirds planned their wedding in Greece but due to covid-19 they changed their plan.

Richard Rawlings posted on Instagram 

” When I was lucky enough to hear Katerina say ‘Yes’ we planned a big wedding in Greece. Well, 2020 wasn’t having any of that, so we decided not to wait any longer and switch up our plans.”


Entrepreneur Richard also have his own website named, Gas Monkey Garage, where he sells different luxurious cars as well as Sweat shirts and T-shirts that ranges from $28 - $35.

He also makes an earning through merch. Merch includes different Accessories, Headwear, Face Mask, Classics, Hoodies and Jacket, Workwear and many more. His products are for both men and women. The website also has the reselling options for people who visit the site.