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Facts About Richard Ashton - British Actor

Published Tue Aug 06 2019 By Akki
Facts About Richard Ashton - British Actor

Richard Ashton is a prominent actor in the entertainment industry, who has appeared in the hit movies and TV series like; The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997), The Fifth Element (1997), and Vikings (2013). He was born on Saturday, October 2, 1965, in Manchester, England.

Here are 10 facts about Ashton:

What's his Net Worth? 

Richard Ashton has a net worth of $500,000 and his main source of income is through his professional career as an actor. He had a bag full of cash for the role of the 'Mondoshawan' in the sci-fi movie The Fifth Element (1997), which had a  huge box office $263.9 million.

According to the PayScale, report, an average salary of an English actor is $48612 per year, where an English actor can earning ratio range from $12,153 to $1,47,051 depending upon their role and stardom.

Brand Endorsement 

Being a prominent actor, Richard Ashton has been involved in advertisement and campaigning for products of the globally leading brands. 

Ashton appeared in the commercial ad Garth the Visigoth in 2009 for Capital One directed by Harald Zwart. He also worked in the advertisement of the Ricola, a cough drop manufacturing company in 2016.

House in Manchester

Richard Ashton lives in a lavish house located in Manchester, United Kingdom. According to the Zoopla, it is stated that the house in Manchester cost nor less than £45,000.

Dual Citizenship

Richard Ashton is among those actors, who holds dual nationality, where he has citizenship of Britain and the United States.

Body Measurement

Richard Ashton is a hunk English actor, who gets mostly compliment for his height, where he stands 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m) tall. He would definitely focus on modeling career if he weren't an actor. He has a beautiful girl heart taking deep blue eyes and short brown hair.

Richard Ashton poses for a picture.
Richard Ashton taking a picture.
Image Source: Natasha Merchant

On-Screen Debut

Richard Ashton had on-screen debut in 1990 with a role of the Hippie in the TV series "Keeping Up Appearances" Se01 Ep6 The Christening. After two years, he got the chance to work in the TV show "Don't Tell Father" and appeared over 6 episodes as Garth Bancroft.  

Ashton has contributed over 29 years of his life to the entertainment industry and played over 37 movies and TV shows. 

Music and Acting Skills 

Richard Ashton is a versatile actor, who does stunt and fighting scene by himself, like top Hollywood stars; Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, and Jason Statham. He is also proficient musician and composer, who is very good at playing guitar, ukulele, and piano.

Richard Ashton playing the role of Andros the Demonhunter.
Richard Ashton got on the camera, while playing the role of Andros the Demonhunter.
Image Source: Dracula Dark Prince


Richard Ashton has an official website, where his fans can get updated about his work and upcoming project. The websites feature with the option of actor, resume, video, gallery, and news. The websites also include contact to his agencies for the business inquires.

Horse Rider 

Ashton is an avid horse rider, who is quite found in horse ranch spending his time running around with a horse in his free hours. he has shown some of his skill through stunt with horse in the scene of the number of the movies.

Social Sites 

Richard Ashton has a number of descent followers on his Twitter account @richaashton. He created his Twitter account in June 2009 and has 1437 followers till present. He tweets about his work and retweets his fellow worker, where he has over 559 tweets. 

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