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Know Rhyan D'Errico - Rockstar Nikki Sixx's First Wife Donna D'Errico’s Son

Published Sun Apr 12 2020 By Aashika
Know Rhyan D'Errico - Rockstar Nikki Sixx's First Wife Donna D'Errico’s Son

Rhyan D'Errico is an adopted son of famous American actress Donna D'Errico from her previous relationship. Donna's son Rhyan was born on April 1, 1993, in the United States of America.

His name Rhyan is of Welsh origin, meaning "Great Queen, or Goddess".

Parent's Relationship

There isn't much information about Rhyan's biological father but when Donna D'Errico married musician Nikki Sixx, Sixx adopted Rhyan as well.

Donna and Nikki had known each other through Pamela Anderson who was Nikki's co-star in Baywatch. After dating few years the duo tied their knot on 23rd December 1996. After some years, their relationship got tangled into drugs, and other women related problem, when Donna was pregnant with a daughter, Frankie-Jean Sixx. After she knew Sixx was having an affair with another woman; the pair separated after living together for 11-years and got divorced in 2007. 

His mother Donna D'Errico with stepdad Nikki Sixx.

Parents' Net Worth

Mother, Donna has an estimated net worth of $500,000 which she made through her professional career as a model and actress. She reportedly received $600,000 from Sixx in emotional distress. Added that, Nikki provides $7800 in child support.

Likewise, his stepfather Nikki Sixx has an approximated net worth $45 million earned as a musician, author, songwriter, bassist, photographer, radio host, and fashion designer. 

Music Composer

Rhyan D'Errico is a music composer and has composed music for numerous documentaries and including the movie Happy Hunting, which was well-received by critics.

Sister- Frankie-Jean Sixx

D'Errico is blessed with sister Frankie-Jean Sixx who was born on 2nd January 2001. She is the daughter Nikki Sixx and Donna D'Errico. 

Currently, she is in a relationship with an Ice Hockey Player, Easter Easterson. At the teenage, she gave birth to her baby boy named, Jesse Evan Easterson. But his nephew passed away at the time of birth.  

Sister Frankie-Jean Sixx and mother.

Biological Father

Rhyan once shared his father's photo on his father's 60th birthday. The pictures show that he looks exactly like his father.

From the caption, we assume that his father is no longer alive and is hopefully in a good place now. Rhyan is the very post has shared that he misses his father cherishes the moments he shared with him.

Rhyan D'Errico shares his biological father picture on Twitter.
Image Source: Twitter

Social Media Presence

He is not much active on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. He has 865 followers on Instagram and 56 followers on Twitter. 

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