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Rhianna Jagpal

Published Mon Apr 24 2023 By sush
Rhianna Jagpal

Rhianna Jagpal is a Canadian actress who is known for her playing the character of Lily in the Netflix series "The Imperfects." Apart from the science fiction series, she has also shown her impressive acting skills have landed her roles in numerous films and television series, including "Dead of Summer," "iZombie," "Status Update," "Charmed," "Two Sentence Horror Stories," and "Family Law."

The fictional series, The Imperfects is a science fiction and horror series that follows a group of people who are given superhuman abilities after being injected with a mysterious substance. Rhianna Jagpal's character, Lily, is one of the main characters and possesses the ability to become invisible. And her expression of the character has made people in awe of her.

So, let's get started on knowing more aspects of Rhianna's life. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Rhianna Jagpal is estimated to be somewhere between $1-3 million. As she is an actress, she earned a major share of her fortune from her thriving acting career. She has appeared in a diverse range of projects, including the reality crime drama series "Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez," the musical drama film "We Are Your Friends," the family sitcom "Woman of the House," the sci-fi action-adventure series "Mech-X4,"

Rhianna Jagpal on her social media
Rhianna Jagpal on her social media. (Source: Instagram @rhiannajagpal)

In addition to her acting endeavors, Rhianna has also been successful in modeling and brand endorsements. She has collaborated with several top brands and graced the pages of various magazines. And so, Rhianna's hard work and dedication have paid off, and she is enjoying her success and wealth. With her talent and drive, she is sure to achieve even greater heights of success in the future.

Early Life And Education

Rhianna Jagpal, a Canadian native, was born in the scenic city of Vancouver, British Columbia in the year 1995. She was raised in a privileged household, as her father held a successful business and her mother dedicated her time to being a homemaker.

After completing high school, Rhianna took a significant step forward in her career and decided to move to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles. She embarked on her journey to hone her skills and enrolled in The New York Film Academy's intensive acting programs. The experience proved to be a transformative one for her, helping her grow as a performer and gain a deeper understanding of her craft.

Passion For Acting From An Early Age

From an early age, Rhianna's passion for the performing arts was evident. Her parents recognized this and actively sought ways to support her aspirations. They enrolled her in acting classes at reputable studios, including the prestigious West Coast Actors Studio and Vancouver Young Actors Studio.

Rhianna Jagpal on her social media
Rhianna Jagpal on her social media. (Source: Instagram @rhiannajagpal)

Rhianna's dedication to honing her craft was remarkable. She spent countless hours rehearsing and refining her skills, and it was evident that her hard work paid off. As she progressed through the ranks of the acting world, she gained a reputation as a talented and versatile performer.

Rhianna's journey into the entertainment industry started at a young age, but her love for acting has only grown stronger with time. Her unwavering passion and commitment to the craft have made her a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian film and television industry.

Rhianna's Relationship Handles: She Is Engaged

If you fancy Rhianna and wondering if she's single, then here's the bad news for you. Not only Rhianna is together with someone, but she is also engaged. Rhianna is currently in a relationship with Marcus Sandhu, whom she got engaged to in December 2021.

Rhianna and Marcus have been together for a few years, and Rhianna often shares pictures of the two of them on her social media. She also shared a picture of her glittering engagement ring when they got engaged. The couple is still deciding when they will get married, but they are looking forward to their future together.

Last year on December 18, Rhianna took to her Instagram and posted a few pictures with her partner, Marcus along with a ring on her finger. And, she also captioned the picture, "For life." Also, she got engaged in the Disney Resort & Spa, Aulani. 

Rhianna Jagpal posting about her engagement with Marcus Sandhu.
Rhianna Jagpal posting about her engagement with Marcus Sandhu. (Source: Instagram @rhiannajagpal)

However, before her relationship with Marcus, Rhianna was in a relationship with John Ambrose McClaren. The two met at Model UN at UVA, and they had a good relationship. However, it is unclear if they split up because their long-distance relationship became too difficult.

A Look At The Career History Of Rhianna

In the year 2012, Rhianna Jagpal marked her debut in the television industry with a role in the thrilling reality crime drama series titled "Justice for Everyone." The show starred the talented Judge Cristina Perez as Valerie Orissa. The series proved to be a platform that helped Rhianna gain visibility and showcase her acting prowess.

Over the years, Rhianna has continued to make her mark in the entertainment industry. She has graced both the small and big screens with her talent, showcasing her versatility and range as an actor. Some of her notable roles include appearances in popular television series such as "Dead of Summer," "iZombie," "Woman of the House," and "Mech-X4."

In 2021, Rhianna starred as Charisma Singhal in the comedy crime-drama series "Family Law." Her impressive portrayal of the character was widely acclaimed and helped cement her position in the industry. She further showcased her talent and versatility in 2022 with her portrayal of Abbi Singh in the adventure drama-fantasy series "The Imperfects."

An Avid Traveler: Likes Luxurious And Fun Lifestyle

Rhianna Jagpal is not only a talented actress and successful model, but she is also an adventurer at heart. She loves traveling to beautiful and exotic places with her close friends and has been fortunate enough to explore some of the most breathtaking destinations around the world.

Rhianna Jagpal on her social media.(
Rhianna Jagpal on her social media.(Source: Instagram @rhiannajagpal)

In addition to her love for travel, Rhianna is also a devoted pet lover and dotes on her adorable dog, Mila. She takes great care of her furry companion and spends as much time as possible playing and cuddling with her beloved pet.

Also, Rhianna has impeccable taste in fashion and prefers to wear high-end designer clothes. She is very conscious of her lifestyle and enjoys the finer things in life. 

Social Media Handles

On Instagram, Rhianna is available as @rhiannajagpal. Moreover, with her interesting personality and charms as an actress, she has gathered a considerably big enough community of over 20.1k followers.

You can also find Rhianna on Facebook. However, she isn't much active on the platform, resulting in her having little to no presence on the platform. And so, she has yet to hit a thousand followers milestone on Facebook. 


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