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Get to Know Rhian Gittins - Facts and Photos of Dave Navarro's Former Wife

Published Tue Feb 16 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Rhian Gittins - Facts and Photos of Dave Navarro's Former Wife

Rhian Gittins came into the public eye as the former partner of Dave Navarro. Her ex-husband is a well-known musician who got immensely famous as a member of the rock band, 'Jane's Addiction'. 

She was born on 19th July 1969 to Canadian parents. Her birthplace is Edmonton, Canada where she has been living with family. Gittins completed her education at Ross Shep Composite High School. 

Former Husband: Dave Navarro

Gittins and Navarro is a couple who is known for having a brief married life in the entertainment industry. They exchanged the vow on 15th October 1994 after dating for a year. 

But within five days, the pair felt that they couldn't live together and decided to divorce which was finalized on 20th October. It was the second marriage of Dave whereas she is the second wife. During their love life, the couple didn't share any children. 

Ex-Husband Dave Navarro, the guitarist of the rock band 'Jane's Addiction'.
Image Source: HITS Daily Double.

Previous Marriage of Guitarist

Before her, 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' former guitarist was married to Tania Goddard, a makeup artist. 

In June 1990, the two tied the knot at "The Alexandria Ballrooms" venue in Los Angeles, California. After two years, their marriage failed and got divorced in 1993. 

Later, when the first two marriages were destroyed, he met the actress Carmen Electra. They met on the MTV reality TV Show, "Till Death Do Us Part" which led to being a love partner. 

On 22nd November 2003, both walked into the aisle happily, unfortunately, within three years, they called up to separate and ended on 10th August 2006. 

Dave Navarro with his third wife Carmen Electra.
Image Source: Page Six

Current Relationship 

54 years old, Rhian Gittin is currently enjoying her single life. She has not been in a relationship but spends time with her friends and family.

Whereas her ex-spouse is dating a television personality, Andrea Tantaros. They began their relationship in 2015 and are open with the media. The pair has captured many times together in front of the camera, holding hands and kissing each other. 

A picture of Dave Navarro with his girlfriend Andrea Tantaros.
Image Source: Pinterest

Multiple Tattoos on Her Body

The ex-wife of Navarro is fond of inks and has done numerous tattoos on her body. 

Among other ink, one of the tattoos is her own picture which we can see on her right hand. Her half of the prints are of nature which shows that she is a nature lover. 

Rhian Gittins share a photo of doing tattoos on her shoulder.
Image Source:  Instagram 

Adore Animals

Gittins is an animal lover who has kept two dogs and a cat as her pet. Her dogs are Miniature Pinscher breeds, on the other side cat is a European Shorthair breed. She has featured her pets on her social media sites and usually seems to play with them. 

Physical Fitness  

She is recently maintaining her body by spending time in the gym and following a proper diet. On their Instagram account, Rhian uploads pictures and videos to encourage people. In the previous and today's pictures, we can see some differences in her body. 

How Much Is Net Worth?

Rhian Gittins has not revealed her net worth and professional life. While Dave Navarro's net worth is $20 million which he earned through the music industry. 

Since 1995, he has been contributing as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Navarro is a band member of 'Jane's Addiction', and also was a former member of 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. 

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