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Get to Know Renee Wyatt - Facts and Pictures of Paige Wyatt's Mother and Rich Wyatt's Wife

Published Thu Jan 14 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Renee Wyatt - Facts and Pictures of Paige Wyatt's Mother and Rich Wyatt's Wife

Renee Wyatt is a well-recognized television personality who is known for appearances in the show, 'American Guns'. She is also an established businesswoman of the United States. 

She was born in the late 1960s, in Colorado, United States. Before the spotlight, Mrs. Wyatt was living a normal life. Besides it, she is popular as the stepmother of two known people Kurt Wyatt and Paige Wyatt.

Here is some information about Wyatt which people don't know. 

Net Worth: $1 million

Renee Wyatt has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned from the reality show 'American Guns'. Whereas her husband is the owner of around $10 million. He is the CEO of the Gunsmoke Guns. 

Before it, Rich was the Chief of Police in Alma, Colorado for almost twenty years. In the 1980s, he founded his own gun manufacturing business, which got featured on television on the Discovery Channel.

In the series 'American Guns' with her family member.
Image Source: The Denver Post

Reason Behind Closing of The Show

In December 2012, 'American Guns' was announced to close the series by the Discovery Channel. 

The reason behind it was when the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre took place in Newtown, Connecticut, which caused a significant backlash against gun promotions on TV. The incident leads the show to shut out. 

Husband: Rich Wyatt

Renee Wyatt and Rich Wyatt got married in 2010 which is their second marriage. 

They were dating since 2007 and are the parents of two before tieing the knot. The couple is a celebrity as firearms pair in the television industry. They have been living a happy married life along with four kids. 

Husband Rich Wyatt, the CEO of the Gunsmoke.
Image Source: Alchetron

Previous Marriage 

Before marrying the CEO of Gunsmoke Guns, Renee was married to a guy named Charles Grewcock. 

Their marriage couldn't go so far which ended in 2007. On the other hand, Wyatt has a former partner with whom he has two children. They got separated after having two children together but custody of them was given to him. 

Mother of Two Children

She is the mother of two children, with Wyatt. 

In 2006, Renee gave birth to their first child, Brooke Wyatt. After three years, in 2009, she again welcomed her second daughter, Ginger Wyatt. They have been living their life away from the limelight and private lifestyle. 

A picture with her spouse, two children, and a stepdaughter. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Step Mother of Two

Mrs. Wyatt is the stepmother of two well-known personalities, Kurt Wyatt and Paige Wyatt. The three share a good bonding and also has appeared in their family show. 

Kurt checks labels, designs, polishes, and test guns in the business. Whereas Paige serves in firearms and also runs clothing merchandise.   She has a website page where she auctions autographed clothing, pictures, and souvenirs. 

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