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Renee McNichol – Jimmy McNichol’s Wife and Mother of His Daughter

Published Thu Sep 19 2019 By Samana
Renee McNichol – Jimmy McNichol’s Wife and Mother of His Daughter

Renee McNichol is popularly known to the world as Jimmy McNichol's gorgeous wife and the mother of his kids. 

Here are some facts on Jimmy's lovely wife:

Husband Is Jimmy McNichol

Renee is a proud wife of the super famous actor and a musician husband who is successful and doing wonders. Renee and Jimmy McNichol got married in the year 1997 after dating for couple of years.

The two had met through their mutual friends and Jimmy had requested their friends to introduce her to him. Everything happened according to Jimmy, who then asked Renee to go out with him.

Renee's loving husband, Jimmy McNichol.
Renee's loving husband, Jimmy McNichol.
Image Source: Wikipedia

After dating for years, Jimmy again had to get her "Yes" as an answer for a question he was going to pop. He got on his knees and gave her a grand proposal which every girl dreams of and Renee obviously gave him a big, fat YES. The two then tied the knot with the presence of their family and close friends.  

Two Kids

Renee McNichol is the mother of two kids- a son Nash McNichol and a daughter Ellis McNichol. Nash was born on the same year Renee and Jimmy tied the knot- in 1997. 

Ellis joined his brother later on after a year in 1998. She is also a stepmother of Kelly Maize, who is Jimmy's long lost daughter born to an unknown woman. 

Mothers His Daughter Born To Anonymous Woman

Despite Jimmy impregnated and had a baby with a random woman, who later put her up for adoption, Renee was still warm towards Kellee Maize. 

Kellee was born to a random woman Jimmy hooked up with years ago. He had no idea that Kellee existed. He knew about her existence in the year 2010, when she was 22.

Renee's step daughter, Kellee Maize.
Renee McNikhol's step daughter, Kellee Maize.
Image Source: Flickr

Kellee was adopted by Chris Maize and Terry Maize, who sadly passed away. After Kellee reconnected with her husband, Renee was more than happy to welcome another member into the family. She loves Kellee and has always loved her like her own daughter.

Sister In Law Is Kristy McNichol

After marrying her love of her life, she also got Kristy McNichol as her sister in law. The two got along very well and Kristy always is cracking jokes around her to make her laugh. 

Kristy McNichol is also a famous actress, singer, producer and a comedian. Kristy is also a proud recipient  of two Emmy Awards she received thanks to her great acting skills. 

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