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Get to Know Remington Elizabeth Moses - Tracy Nelson And Her Ex-Husband William R. Moses' Daughter

Published Mon Feb 17 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Remington Elizabeth Moses - Tracy Nelson And Her Ex-Husband William R. Moses' Daughter

Remington Elizabeth Moses is the first child of an American actress, dancer, and writer, Tracy Nelson, and her former actor spouse, William R. Moses. She was born in Los Angeles, California on August 11, 1992, and has 'Leo' as her sun sign. 

Tracey's daughter's first name is 'Remington', which is an English word and means "from the raven estate". Likewise, his second name 'Elizabeth' is a Hebrew origin, which means "pledged to God".

Parents Net Worth 

Remington's mother, Tracy has a net worth of $6 million complied from her earning come from her professional career as an actress and author. 

She has played the role of Jenny Whiteman in comedy movie; Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986). The film was made on the budget of $14 million and grossed $62.13 million worldwide. 

A picture of Remington parents.
Tracy Nelson and William Mosses pose for a photo.
Image Source: Getty Images

Remington's father, William has an estimated net worth of $30 million. He is a reputed actor, who has appeared over 130 hit movies and TV shows. He has acted in comedy romance Mystic Pizza (1988), which accumulated $12.79 million globally.

Parents Relationship 

Remington's parent Tracy Nelson and William R. Moses are in different paths of their lives now, as they've cut ties with a legal paper. 

The former couple married on 25 July 1987 and share a daughter together. Though they gave birth to a beautiful child followed with complications and hemorrhage, the pair ultimately split legally on 17 December 1997.

Mama Health Problem

Remington's mother Tracey Nelson is a fighter and survived the three major cancer; thyroid cancer, breast cancer, and Lymphoma. 

In 1987 after a month of her wedding to William, she was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She went through seven hours of surgical procedure to remove the spleen, a portion of her liver and samples of her lymph nodes at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

A picture of Tracy Nelson with her son.
Tracy Nelson taking a picture with her son.
Image Source; Getty Images


Remington has two half-siblings; Elijah Nelson Clark and Grace Moses. Elijah is a little half-brother of her from mother Tracey and Chris Clark, born on August 22, 2001. Likewise, Grace is a younger half-sister as she was born to William R. and his present wife Sarah Mosses.

Acting Career

Tracy's loving daughter, Remington took her footsteps in the path of her mother pursuing an acting career. She inherits acting talent from her mother and did her first silver screen debut in 2015. 

She portrayed the role of 'Miri Ryan' in the thriller movie; A Fatal Obsession (2015) opposite her mother Tracey, who played 'Christie Ryan' character

In the same year, she also appeared as Stephanie in horror film; Buddy Hutchins (2015). She has also done hit movies and TV shows such as Kecksburg (2019) and J.M. Nells. 

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