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Get to Know Reid Ewing - Dylan Marshall From "The Modern Family"

Published Tue Jan 28 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Reid Ewing - Dylan Marshall From "The Modern Family"

The American actor, Reid Ewing is very famous as Dylan Marshall, the role he played in a comedy TV shows; Modern Family. He was born in Florida, the United States, on the 7th of November 1988 and his birth sign is Scorpio.

Here are 10 facts about Ewing:

What's his Net Worth?

Reid Ewing is a renown actor, whose net worth is $2 million. He accumulated such a huge wealth through the dedication to his acting career. He has acted more than 20 hit movies and series including; Fright Night (2011). The film was made in a $30 million estimated budget and had a $41 million box office collection.

A picture of Reid Ewing.
Reid Ewing getting ready for a photo after cleaning his car.
Image Source: Sean Oh Instagram

Drives Subaru Car

Reid drives a white-colored Subaru car as he stated in his Instagram post. According to the True Car page, Subaru cars come in the range between the price of $18,695 to $32,000.

Same-sex Relationship With Sean Oh

As Ewing has opened up about his sexuality of being gay, he has been dating Korean freelance illustrator, Sean Oh. The lovebirds are in deeply love and enjoying their romantic relationship. The duo's love life is blessed with trust, care, and mutual understanding. 

Body Specification 

Fright Night star, Reid has an eye-catching body figure with a chest and abs. He stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall, weighing around 72 kg (158 Ibs). He has grey eyes and has brown hair. Following his physical appearance, he was enlisted in the 55 faces of the future by Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood Issue.

Reid poses for a photo.
Reid Ewing taking a picture.
Image Source: Insta@media_reid

Education - Alma Mater

Tracking down information regarding academic qualification, Ewing graduated from the 'Dreyfoos School of the Arts' of West Palm Beach. Likely, he also attended the 'New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts' (NYCDA), a private acting college to honed his acting skill.

Health Problem

As in the conversation with CBS News, Reid struggled with mental health issues. He has suffered from body image dysmorphia depression as it started in adolescence. Following his illness, he had multiple surgeries in order to maintain his looks. At present, coming out of all those suffering, he is an advocate for mental health awareness. 


In the 21st century, the tattoo has been a means of expressing love, affection, and capturing memorial moments. Reid Ewing 31, has done number of tattoos in his body, which carries a specific story and meaning. He has inked a logo of the show, as he portrayed the redneck monster truck driver role. 

A photo of Ewing with his friends.
Ewing taking a selfie with his friends.
Image Source: Reid Ewing/Instagram

Plastic Surgery

As good looking has been one of the precious matters in the Hollywood industry. Ewing has gone through several cosmetic surgeries to obtain charmness. In an interview with Too Fab in November 2015, he revealed about all the plastic surgery he has been through. In 2008, at the age of 19, he had his first surgery as cheek implants. 

After that, he went under the knife for the next time and had a chin implant. In the few days of the procedure, he noticed that his chin can move easily move from one side to another of his face. Following the problem, he had a second operation, likely, he had several surgeries as he finds a new problem.

Dog Owner 

Reid Ewing is an animal lover and owns two cute Beagle breed dogs Dylan and Racky. Previously, he also had Dachshund breed pooch, Abby, which died in August 2019. As the present, he is looking after the daily meal of his pets and has been taken good care of them. 

Social Media Presence 

As a prominent actor, Ewing has amassed a massive fan following in his social networking sites. He has an Instagram account with 24.9k followers, which goes by the user name of media_reid. In his Instagram, he keeps shares photos and videos of his work and experience.

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