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Who is Reena Ninan? Facts You Should Know

Published Fri Feb 17 2023 By sush
Who is Reena Ninan? Facts You Should Know

Have you ever heard of Reena Ninan? She is a television personality and journalist who previously worked for famous news networks like CBS, ABC, and Fox News. Though having a prominent name in the industry, she caught the public's attention with her parenting podcast called Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting with psychologist Dr. Lisa. 

Previously, she worked as a White House correspondent, foreign reporter, and news anchor throughout her career. However, she made a surprising decision and left her most recent employer network CBS in 2020. And now, she has launched her own media company named Good Trouble Productions. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Reena Ninan?

Reena Ninan's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. However, the exact value remains unconfirmed. She has worked as a reporter for several media giants and earned a whopping $183,000 a year from her work in various news companies.

Reena Ninan in Good Morning America.
Reena Ninan in Good Morning America. (Source: AdWeek)

Ninan also opened her own company named Good Trouble Productions and she has partial ownership of the company. Her husband, Kevin Peranio also contributes to the family's finances with his book sales and investments. The couple owns a house in the suburbs of Darien in New York.

Early Life And Education: She Studied Hebrew And Arabic Languages

The CBS journalist, Reena Ninan was born on April 18, 1979. She is an American national who was born in Tampa Florida to Indian parents. Moreover, as per reports, her family is from the Indian state of Kerala and later immigrated to the US. So having parents from south India, she is fluent in Malayalam. 

Reena Ninan posted a picture of her parents on her Instagram.
Reena Ninan posted a picture of her parents on her Instagram. (Source: Instagram@reenaninan)

And regarding her education, though the information about the high school she attended is not yet known, it is reported that she studied Hebrew and Arabic languages in her school years. And upon completion of high school, she went to George Washington University. She graduated from the university's School of Media and Public Affairs with a major in Political Communication and a minor in Women's Studies.

And according to sources, she also attended the University of California from 2007 to 2009. It also states that she graduated from the university with a license in human resources management.

Journalism Career: Ninan Was A Reporter In Iraq War

Ninan has worked in various companies as a news reader and a foreign correspondent. She initially started out at the Fox News Channel as a Middle East Correspondent which gave her the initial boost and fame. She was active there from 2004 to 2012. At that time, she reported from Libya (During the Iraq War), Indonesia, India, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq, among other places. 

During the same project, she was also caught up in the middle of protests in the West Bank village. The tear gas canisters landed near the journalist and her crew. However, FNC's Jerusalem bureau chief Eli Fastman rushed to get them out of the area.

Then, in 2012, Ninan joined ABC NEWS as a White House Correspondent for the Washington bureau and covered the House and the State Department. Then, she relocated to New York and started reporting for Good Morning America and continued as a foreign correspondent. 

Later on, in April 2015, she became the co-anchor of ABC's early morning shows World News Now and America This Morning with the anchor T.J. Holmes. Then, in 2016, she joined CBS and worked for the network until 2020.

Founded Her Own Company Named Good Trouble Productions

If you don't know yet, Ninan is now the founder and CEO of her own company named Good Trouble Productions after she left CBS. She founded the company in the midst of the global pandemic in 2020. It was founded for the purpose of creating works of visionary nonfiction in the form of comics and other visual mediums.

According to the company's website, its aim is to educate, motivate and inspire. It strives to provide people with more than just news. As the site states, the company believes in producing content with purpose. 

As the company is founded by Ninan, who is a veteran herself in the industry, it promises to bring years of television experience into work. And they are expanding their project portfolio to make projects that include digital content, podcasts, and video productions. 

Reena Married A Fellow Journalist

Reena Ninan is a married woman who is very public about the fact. She met her life partner, Kevin Peraino, and the pair dated for some time in the late 2000s. They decided to tie the knot sometime before 2010 and have been happily married ever since.

Reena Ninan and her husband, Kevin Peraino.
Reena Ninan and her husband, Kevin Peraino. (Source: LinkedIn)

They share two children and they are a multicultural family and enjoy celebrating various festivals and traditions. Ninan and her husband celebrate South Indian festivals as well as Christmas and Hannukah.

Mother Of Two

Ninan and her husband share two children, an older son named, Jackson Ninan Peraino born on 30 December 2010, and a younger daughter named Kate Ninan Peraino born on 8 July 2012. 

Reena Ninan's husband, Kevin Peraino, with their kids, Jackson Ninan Peraino and Kate Ninan Peraino getting ready for maple-tapping.
Reena Ninan's husband, Kevin Peraino, with their kids, Jackson Ninan Peraino and Kate Ninan Peraino getting ready for maple-tapping. (Source: Instagram@reenaninan)

Due to having kids, Ninan has started taking less heavy jobs and even started a parenting podcast called Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting with the talented American clinical psychologist, Dr. Lisa Damour. She is a very present parent and adores her babies.

Height And Physical Appearance

Reena Ninan is an Indian-origin woman with straight black hair and lovely dark brown eyes. She is dark-skinned and has a very elegant vibe, often appearing to be very professional and reassuring.

She stands 5 ft 4 inches tall and weighs about 54 kg. She has a very slim and toned physique. She is physically fit and maintains her health.

SocialMedia Handles

On Instagram, Ninan is available as @reenaninan, with over 10.2k followers. Similarly, she is also active on Twitter, under the username as @reenaninan where she has about 24k followers.

Reena Ninan posting a picture of her kids on her social media.
Reena Ninan posting a picture of her kids on her social media. (Source: Instagram@reenaninan)

She also has her official page on Facebook. Further, her company, Good Trouble Productions also has a growing social media presence on Twitter with the handle @GoodTroubleProd. And as a cohost of the Ask Lisa podcast, she generates buzz on the Twitter handle, @asklisapodcast.

Awards And Accolades

Ninan was once named one of Glamour magazine’s “Women on the Front Lines” in the July 2011 issue. This was due to the fact she was a female foreign correspondent who gave news from troubled zones. Ninan told the magazine:

The day I arrived in Baghdad, our hotel was car-bombed three times in 10 minutes. Three minutes after, we were on air.

Having had a celebrated career as a journalist and a news correspondent, Ninan has multiple praises from her coworkers and a following of loyal fans. As a woman journalist, she was definitely one of the frontrunners n her work ethic and passion.

What Is Ninan Doing In 2023?

Reena Ninan is currently busy hosting her podcasts and working on building her company, Good Trouble Productions. She is seen spending time with her family members, namely her husband and her kids. 

Ninan has also been a host of different events, promoting charities and children's welfare. She has reached collaborations with presenters and worked to increase her platform for the social upliftment of others.


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