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Ray Liotta's $15 Million Net Worth - $2.7M Mansion in LA and All Income

Published Thu Oct 10 2019 By aisha
Ray Liotta's $15 Million Net Worth - $2.7M Mansion in LA and All Income

Ray Liotta is an American actor, producer, and director who has accumulated a net worth of $15 million. He has won Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Awards, MTV Movie Award. He has been nominated for 10 awards while he has won 8 awards. 

Ray is famous for his work in movies like Goodfellas(1990), Narc (2002), Blow (2001), Fields of Dreams (1989), Cop Land (1997) and more. He has also played many TV series and done voice-overs like Another World (1980-1981), Shades Of Blue (2016-2018), SpongeBob Square Pants (2008), Hannah Montana (2010), Bee Movie (2007), The Simpsons (2018) and more.   

Luxurious Cars 

Ray Liotta posing in front of his black Mercedez BEnx-G500
Ray Liotta infront of his Mercedes Ben-G500
Image Source: Getty Image

The Goodfellas actor Liotta owns very luxurious and expensive cars but is often seen in SUV which costs $229,000 to $300,000, Mercedes Benz G500 which is worth $124,500 and a Cadillac Escalade which is worth $75,195.  

Mansion Worth $2.7 milllion 

Upper view of Ray Liotta's mansion with brown rooftop and a mini swimming pool in front of the mansion
Ray Liotta mansion worth $2.7 million
Image Source: Virtual Globertrotting

In 2003, Ray Liotta bought a mansion in Los Angeles, California which was worth $2.7 million in 2013. The mansion was on 6,189 square feet of land which includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a mini outdoor swimming pool with a garden. As of 2019, the mansion price has increased and is listed to $5 million.  

Income Source and Earning from movies 

Ray started his career in 1978 and is known as Hollywood's Evergreen Legends. Ray has been in several movies and some of his top-grossed movies include Goodfellas, Narc, Fields of dreams, Cop land, and he once had earned $1.5 million salaries from his movie No Escape. 

He has done many voice-overs in television series and animated movies like Chicken Little, SpongeBob Square Pant, Bee Movie. The Simpsons and more. 

In 2002, he has given his voice to Tommy Vercetti who is the frictional character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  

Skincare Faked his endorsement   

From left Before and after picture of Ray Liotta
Before and After picture of Ray Liotta used by Nerium to promote their product
Image Source: TMZ

The Father of Karsen Liotta filed a lawsuit to a company Nerium, which has used Ray's before and after pictures to advertise for their product while the before picture shows the blotchy skin and the after picture shows the smoother skin. 

Ray states that he has never heard or has endorsed any product named Nerium. As it costs $10,000 to $25,000 to sue someone while going through the legal process. 

Chantix Commercial  

Ray Liotta is an official face of Chantix and has worked in their commercial, which is a new way to quit smoking for smokers and for drug addicts. In the commercial, Ray has shared his personal experience about how Chantix has helped him to quit smoking. Chantix has spent around $447 million while promoting the drug while Ray got $50,000.


Ray Liotta is endorsed by and promoted many popular brands and companies like KFC, Chantix, Apple, Tequila Silver. He charges up to $212 to $364 for each sponsorship post on his Instagram feed. 

Liotta has done the photo shoot for the nymovesmagazine and has been on the cover of the magazine. He has earned an estimated wealth of $1 million from his endorsement and sponsorship.  

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