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Coach de Vida Rashel Diaz - Cuban Telemundo Host

Published Tue Jan 24 2023 By sush
Coach de Vida Rashel Diaz - Cuban Telemundo Host

Rashel Diaz is an entrepreneur and social media influencer who deems herself the "coach of life." She is a Cuban personality who gained recognition as the host of her Mexican television program called Un Nuevo Dia, which translates to "A New Day." Moreover, she anchored the show in Spanish.

However, did you know that Rashel got fired from the show? It was a surprise when the beloved host, Rashel, was fired from the show. Moreover, she was fired along with Hector Sandarti and Chef James, who was fired recently. 

The firing of the gorgeous host, who was the reason behind the show's success, caused quite a stir among the viewers. They expressed their anger and annoyance at the show's decision to discard Rashel. So, let's know who Rashel Diaz is that captured the attention of such mass viewers.

Height And Appearance

The gorgeous brunette, Rashel, is a tall woman who stands at a height of 5ft 9 inches (173 cm). She is a gorgeous Latina with a curvaceous body measuring about 35-28-35. Reportedly, she weighs around 65 kg. 

Rashel Diaz in Neptunos restaurant in the Domino Republic.
Rashel Diaz in Neptunos restaurant in the Domino Republic. (Source: Instagram@rasheldiaz)

Though Rashel is naturally brown-haired, she has now opted for blonde. Moreover, her eyes are brown. Moreover, she is also a fitness lover who loves to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. So, she has maintained good shape. 

Net Worth Of Rashel

The net worth of Rashel Diaz is estimated to be $1 million. She has been in the television industry for over a decade now. Moreover, she has turned into a social media influencer and posts blogs on different topics. So, she has made quite a striking sum from the entertainment industry.

Rashel Diaz in her Ferrari.
Rashel Diaz in her Ferrari. (Source: Facebook)

Reportedly, the annual average salary of Rashel was around $55,294. Along with her hosting career, she has also done commercials for brands like Macy's, AT&T, Colgate, Mercier and many more. She also makes a fair share of the sum with her blogs and subscriptions.  

Moreover, after Rashel was fired from her show Un Nuevo Dia, she is now investing in real estate along with her husband; Carlos Garcia.

Rashel's Early Life Is Yet To Be Disclosed

Rashel is a Latina woman from Havana, Cuba, born on July 3, 1973. She was born in a Christian household. And her parents are Nelson Diaz and Barbara Paz. Moreover, she was born in a household of six members, with three siblings; two brothers and a sister.

Rashel Diaz with her father, Nelson Diaz, and siblings.
Rashel Diaz with her father, Nelson Diaz, and siblings. (Source: Facebook)

However, the media personality has not much revealed about her time before her fame. Though it's known that she is not deliberately hiding her past, her fans are intrigued to know is what surroundings she was brought up.

Married To A Man Nine Years Younger Than Her

The television host, Rashel Diaz, is married to her husband, Carlos Gracia. The couple married back on 24 November 2016. They reportedly started dating in 2014 and married after being together for almost 2 years. Rashel's husband, Carlos, is a firefighter at the City of Miami Fire Rescue Department. Moreover, like Rashel, he also comes from a large family.

Rashel Diaz with her husband, Carlos Garcia.
Rashel Diaz with her husband, Carlos Garcia. (Source: Facebook)

However, Rashel was 45 years old at the time of marriage and also 9 years older than the groom, Carlos. So they did have to confront several societal norms. Despite all the odds, the couple did marry and are living happy marital life.

Rashel's Previous Relationships: Married Twice Before

If you didn't know, Rashel's marriage with her husband, Carlos Garcia, is her third marriage. She has been married twice and divorced before she got married to Carlos. 

According to sources, the media personality, Rashel was initially married to Jose Miguel Velasquez. If you don't know, he is a famous Venezuelan music composer. She was married to him for nine years and later got divorced without disclosing any reasons. 

After her divorce from Jose, she married a Cuban engineer named Daniel Sanchez. However, the marriage didn't last, and they divorced after two years. Moreover, Rashel did reveal that she fell into depression after her divorce and love failures.

Rashel was also in a relationship with a man named Lisandro Rodriguez. However, some sources claim that she married him in 2011 and that she was in a relationship with her then-husband for quite some time before they married. Moreover, they were together for five before deciding to end things and get separated. 


The television personality, Rashel Diaz is the mother to three kids. However, she shares two of her kids, Juan Daniel and Daniela, with her previous partners and welcomed their youngest one, Maley, with her now husband, Carlos, in 2019. Moreover, she also has a stepdaughter named Madelyn from her husband Carlos' previous relationship. 

Rashel Diaz with her husband Carlos Garcia and kids.
Rashel Diaz with her husband Carlos Garcia and kids. (Source: Facebook)

Both of Rashel's kids are adults. Rashel often posts about her kids on her social media and often captions "proud mother of two." Moreover, her kids have now become her friends and encourage her to continue her journey. And also, though the kids are Carlos' stepkids, he loves them just like his own. And now Rashel is living in Miami, Florida, with her husband and children.

Rashel's Career 

Before Rashel started her career in television, she was pursuing a career in modeling. According to sources, she started her career in modeling with Sabado Gigante and was in the modeling industry for a decade. 

However, she left Cuba and moved to Miami to pursue a career in television in 1994. Then, she did pursue her career after making appearances in shows such as Escándalo TV de Noche and iDespierta América.

Also, Rashel also appeared on shows like Camino a la Corona, 10 Años de Alfombra de los Premios Billboard, Miss Universo, La Alfombra Roja de los Premios Billboard, and Conteo al Billboard & Reventón VIP.

However, Rashel is most known for her Un Nuevo Dia. She had been in the show since 2008. That's probably the reason why people were mad when they found out that Rashel had been fired. 

Controversy For Having Danced As A "Christian"

A few months back, the Cuban presenter, Rashel Diaz, revealed that she had been receiving criticism for being a "Christian" and dancing. She revealed that many of her viewers took it as a disrespectful action as a Jesus believer, an incompatible duality. She posted a video of her addressing this issue on her Facebook.

Rashel also revealed that she doesn't mind the difference in their opinions. However, she stated how harsh and strong words were used against her and judged her. On contrary, the entrepreneur calmly addressed the issue and asked her viewers to not insult and judge her beliefs.

“Why do you dance Rashel if you are a Christian? They ask me that question all the time... There are those who attack me, tell me horrible things and send me a number of messages. The first thing I tell you is that none of these comments hurt me or affect me” 

A screenshot from Rashel Diaz's video on Facebook.
A screenshot from Rashel Diaz's video on Facebook. (Source: periodicocubano/Facebook)

Moreover, in the video, Rashel also explained how she has been in love with dancing since the early days of her life. She also said that she was never commanded by the god to stop dancing and living. She said;

“All my life I have loved to dance, I have been dancing since I was 6 years old, music is in my blood, dancing has always been part of my essence.”  “Stop dancing, stop being happy, and leave my essence? Until now God has not shown me, and if one day he shows me, I will obey in a second because I live to obey him.

Social Media Handles Of Rashel

Rashel is available on Instagram as @rasheldiaz. Moreover, she has quite a presence on the platform with over 1.7m followers. She also has a personal blog on Facebook with over 1m followers. However, it seems she is not available on Twitter. 

Similarly, her TikTok reel, @rasheldiaztv, has 133.2k followers with over 667.8 likes. Rashel also has a YouTube channel and has around 32.4k followers. After her television career, she is now a speaker and influencer. So she talks about encouraging and helping other women and helping them live a confident lifestyle through her social media platforms.

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