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Rapper Cam'ron's $8 Million Net Worth - From Rapping to Acting and Directing

Published Wed Jul 15 2020 By Aashika
Rapper Cam'ron's $8 Million Net Worth - From Rapping to Acting and Directing

Cameron Ezike Giles Cruz aka "Cam’ron" has a whopping net worth of $8 million. He has earned his massive wealth by rapping, acting, directing, and producing.

He has released six studio albums and five collaboration albums and has been certified Platinum for his album called ‘Come Home with Me’ which was released in 2002.

Let’s look at how rapper Cam'ron managed his net worth:

Earning Through Rapping

Rapper Cam'Ron makes half of his income from his rapping career. He began his career from a rap group called ‘Children of the Corn’ before signing a solo recording contract with Untertainment, a record label distributed by Epic Records. 

In July 1998, he released his beginning album ‘Confessions of Fire’ then singles ‘3-5-7’ and ‘Horse and Carriage’, R&B Top Ten. 

In 2000, he worked with Tommy Mottola and released his sophomore album S.D.E (Sports Drugs & Entertainment). The album singles ‘Let Me Know’ and ‘What Mean, The World to You' that was at peaked at number #2 on R&B/Hip Hop Album chart and No. 14 on the Billboard 200. 

With his hip-hop group 'The Dipset'.
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In the following years, he released his albums Come Home with Me, Purple Haze, Killa Season, Crime Pays, and Purple Haze 2. He has worked collaborating with Vado and published two albums Heat in Here Vol 1 and Gunz n’ Butta

Income from acting

Besides rapping, he is a very talented actor. He made his first debut from Paper Soldiers in 2002. The same year, he appeared in drama Paid in Full. After that, he played in many films such as Death of a Dynasty, State Property 2, Killa Season, Percentage, and many more. 

The rapper has also seen in television series Love &Hip Hop: New York from where he came into a fame.

Giles in the movie 'Killa Season'.
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He will appear in two films in 2020, which are Paid In Full 2 and Killa Season 2. Like, these two movie part 1 was one of the hit movies, hope part 2 will make a huge amount on box office. 

Worked As Producer and Director

In 2002,  Damon Dash produced the film, in which he also played one of three main characters alongside Mekhi Phifer and Wood Harris. 

Soon, he started directing the movie ‘Killa Season’, where he worked as a screenwriter, director, and actor. It was published on April 25, 2005, on DVD.

Fashion Designing 

Cam’ron has an interest in the fashion industry. He has a fashion clothing line named “Dipset USA” which is branded off his former Diplomat Records. The brand sells Bomber Jacket ($140), Hoody ($90), Snapback cap ($40), T-Shirt ($36), and Cam’ron Pink Mink Skateboard set ($120). 

He, along with Mark McNairy, a popular fashion designer has “Cape line” which was revealed on February 11, 2014, during the New York fashion week. 

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