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Raoul Trujillo

Published Mon Jul 25 2022 By chanel
Raoul Trujillo

Raoul Trujillo is an actor, dancer, and choreographer from the United States who worked as a choreographer and co-director with the American Indian Dance Theatre. 

The most well-known roles of Raoul are as the menacing antagonist Zero Wolf in Mel Gibson's gory Mayan epic "Apocalypto" and as the Iroquois leader Kiotseaton in the movie "Black Robe."

His other renowned filmographies include "The Adjuster, Black Robe, Scanners II: The New Order, and he he". He is also an Apache and Ute native of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Early Life

In a middle-class family and under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Raoul Maximiano Trujillo de Chauvelon was born on May 8, 1955, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the United States. He is a native-born American with French-Canadian ancestry, as well as Apache and Ute ancestry. Over all else, he takes great pride in sharing his history and the work his predecessors accomplished for his country.

Raoul Trujillo and his mother (Raoul's IG)

The author's dad served in the US Army as a medic and had even fought for his nation in World War 2. He continues to be forthright about posting on social media the contributions made by his late father and several other retired veterans. He and his mum are close and even attended her birthday celebration on May 12th, 2019. His three sisters and three brothers totaled six siblings, with whom he was raised. His sisters go by the names Maria, Yolanda, and Jessica.

Multi Talents

Trujillo spent three years in the American Army in Germany while still in high school. Later, he studied at the University of Southern California, where he earned his degree. He served as an alpine ski instructor after being released. 

After making extended trips across Mexico, Central America, and South America on his way to begin teaching at San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, he decided to leave the world of professional skiing. It served as a wake-up call for him to investigate Native American culture and start his journey toward creating art based on his cultural background.

He began his theatrical profession as a scenic painter before obtaining his first part as an actor/dancer in Equus in 1977. In 1978, he began dancing at the University of Southern California, where he saw his first modern dance and ballet shoes, including Pilobolus, Martha Graham, and Rudolf Nureyev.  

Previous Marriage

Relationship-wise, Raoul Trujillo appears to be single at the moment. Formerly, the ex-US army man was wed to photographer and artist Jessica Hunsden Carey. 

Raoul Trujillo and his ex wife Jessica Hunsden Carey (Raoul's IG)

The ex-couple wed in a covert ceremony in 2006, but their marriage lasted just five years before ending in divorce in 2011. The ex-husband and ex-wife team had a lovely child while they were married whose name is not disclosed on the internet.

Achievements and Awards

The Hollywood received his first-ever nomination for a Critics Choice Television Award for playing Massasoit, a Wampanoag Sachem, in the television series Saints & Strangers. He received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Television or Limited Series Film.

He also paints and tells aboriginal cultural stories. Throughout his life, he has garnered numerous distinctions and awards for his contributions to aboriginal cultures. He received the CANCOM Ross Charles Prize in 2002.

A Successful Dancer and Choreographer

Trujillo trained with the Toronto Dance Theatre and Nikolais/Louis Dance Lab in New York City over the following two years on a scholarship. He accepted an invitation to join the Nikolais Dance Theatre, where he trained under the direction of master Alwin Nikolais, who served as both his mentor and his traveling partner. 

He also pursued studies in scenic, costume, and lighting design between 1980 and 1987. After leaving the ensemble, he started working as a solo dancer and choreographer, going on a shamanic ritual journey and infusing native myths and legends into his work.

After a decade of dancing professionally, he was hired as the choreographer and co-director of the American Indian Dance Theatre, the first native dance company that fused traditional dance with a modern version of myths and legends.

He created the choreography for "The Shaman's Journey" for the Asia Society in New York, which was later made into a motion picture for PBS's Alive from Off Center. Later, he relocated to Toronto to collaborate with René Highway and Alejandro Roncerria, two of his artistic peers.

What is Raoul Trujillo's Net Worth?

American actor Raoul Trujillo, who is well-known and well-liked, has accumulated a sizeable wealth throughout his career in film and television. However, the real net worth of the star has not been revealed. To begin, according to some sources, the actor's total net worth is $3 million.

Raoul Trujillo in his farm house (Raoul's IG)

His remarkable profession throughout the years is certain to have paid him well. Moreover, his 2006 film, Apocalypto, was made on a strict budget of $50 million and earned $120.7 million at the box office.

Creating Indigenous Art

As a result of this work, Native Earth Performing Arts were able to create lucrative theater productions. The Aboriginal Dance Project at the Banff Centre, which seeks to train Indigenous dancers from all over the world, was established with his help. 

His cooperation with Alejandro went on to continue. Successful theatrical productions were produced as a result of this effort for the Native Earth Theatre Company. The Jaguar Project and The Son Of Ayash were both directed by him. He directed "The Maid of the Mist and the Thunder Beings" for Buffalo State College, "Tribe for the Ordway Music Theatre", and "The Repertory Dance Theatre of Utah." 

A CANCOM Ross Charles grant for the Banff Center's scriptwriters project for indigenous storytellers was given to him in 2002. With more than 107 film and television credits under his belt, Trujillo started his acting career in 1988 in Canada. Additionally, he performed the role of Tomocomo in Terrence Malick's The New World, choreographing the dances, rites, and ceremonies.

Endeavor as a Hollywood Actor

This Indigenous actor has worked in cinema and theater for almost three decades. Furthermore, Raoul Trujillo, a soloist with the Nikolais Dance Theatre, had his acting debut as Rojo in the episode "Dead in the Air" of the CTV television serial drama Counterstrike in 1990. 

The following year, in the independent horror movie Scanners II: The New Order by Deborah Raffin and David Hewlett, Trujillo made his acting debut as Peter Drak.

Raoul Trujillo in the movie Apocalypto (Raoul's IG)

The Adjuster, Black Robe, Clearcut, and White Light were the other four movies he appeared in that year. Most notably, one of his most enduring roles was Zero Wolf in the thriller-drama movie Apocalypto

On the HBO original series True Blood, he additionally played the part of Longshadow. Raoul makes his acting debut in the first season of the show's episode "Escape from Dragon House" as a vampire who worked as a partner for Eric Northman and Pamela Swynford de Beaufort.

Debut in Television Series

Raoul appeared in the episodes of "The Hitchhiker, Street Legal, and E.N.G., namely "Tough Guys Don't Whine," "Double Agenda," and "A Long Way from Hopeful." In the Season 1 episode "Plaisir D'Amour," Raoul, who had worked as the bartender of Fangtasia, dies tragically. He is a guest star who also had a recurrent role during the same season.

Also appearing on television are Mayans M.C., Heartland, The Blacklist, Jamestown, True Blood, Frontier, Neverland, The Wrong Mans, Salem CSI: NY, and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. Up to this point, Raoul Trujillo has worked in the Hollywood entertainment sector, and English-language films have included his artwork.

Social Media

Find his social media accounts down below;

Instagram- @raoulmaxtrujillo_official

Twitter- @mudboyra_max

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