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Rajjchelor - Short Bio and Facts

Published Wed Feb 16 2022 By sijal
Rajjchelor - Short Bio and Facts

Austin professionally known as Rajj Patel is a famous Twitch gamer known for his streams and gaming lives making his remarks as a Twitch master. 

He is the show host and the producer of a dating show "Rajjchelor" which he named on the basis of his online known name Rajj Patel.

 Austin AKA Rajj was born in 1994 in Central Oregon, United States. He was sued for using an Indian name for his popularity and mocking Indian people but later he came to his own real name and changed it by apologizing to South country residents.   

Early Life

Rajj was always interested in online gaming and related activities which made him have a fantasy of becoming a live gamer and streamer. As he was raised by his parents in his hometown located in the USA it become easier for him to cope with his dreams.

After graduating from an honored University Patel started to join small gaming rooms and started streaming "Runescape"  a famous online game that really helped him to find out his real carer profession.

Professional Career

This twitch gamer slowly gained reputation and love from people around the world as a Rajj Patel and began to be featured with different Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and Gamers. This side of his work really increases his popularity, not just in his streams but on social media platforms well.

He really has got a lot of opportunities to work with famed celebrities as well including Wiz Khalifa, Andy Milonakis, and many others. As of now, he owned an official YouTube account with more than 300k followers with 26 total videos.

The show host of Rajjchelor AKA Austin show
The host and producer of the show Rajjchelor and Austin Show doing his regular live stream. source: @GINX Esports TV

What's the total earning of Austin AKA Rajj?

The Twitch master had got some good earnings as a live streamer and from his popularity on social platforms. 

The total estimated net worth of the show hoster and producer Rajjchelor is more than $3.5 million dollars. His source of income is through online content creation and featuring with different sponsors.   

Is Austin Gay? What's his relationship status?

"Rajjchelor" show hoster had officially discussed his sexuality being gay. Seeing through his latest streams the streamer hadn't hidden his real personality as a gay and openly had backlashed the bad talks about his gender.

Talking about his relationship status the Youtuber hadn't disclosed his relationship with anyone yet. He has been seen being comfortable and enjoying trips with his male friends which he is enjoying as being a single guy.

Rajjchelor producer and host talked about his sexuality as a gay
Rajjchelor show host and producer came out as gay. source:

Rumors and Controversies

As an online gamer, it becomes really an enjoyable platform with many opinionated people and their dark vibes as well. Austin had been sponsoring many of his featured streamers and several of them had created a mess for the Youtuber and his fans.

There was one time during a live stream with a Twitch streamer Aqualadora who admits to killing his dog in front of the whole live viewers which became a sensation on the internet and nonprofit the Austin show or Rajjchelor.  

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