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Get to Know Raina Patricia - Facts and Pics of Detroit Coach's Matt Patricia's Wife

Published Sun Jan 10 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Raina Patricia - Facts and Pics of Detroit Coach's Matt Patricia's Wife

Raina Patricia is popularly known as a celebrity family member. She is the wife of Matt Patricia. a professional NFL  football player and is currently the head coach of the Detroit Lions. 

She was born on 15th September 1978, in New England, USA, and belongs to the Virgo horoscope. Patricia joined Cumberland high school and graduated in 1996 and 2000, graduated from Bryant University.

Let's get to know more about Patricia:

What's Her Net Worth?

Raina Patricia has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. Her fortune includes all the income she saved from her various projects as a former model. She walked like a model in the fashion show,  Boston-Luxe Boutiques LLC organized fashion. 

Her husband Matt Patricia is a professional footballer as well as a coach, whose net worth is estimated to be $10 million. 

Loving Husband - Matt Patricia

The model, Raina Patricia got married to the famous Matt Patricia. They were in a long time relationship and finally decided to get settled in 2009.

The ceremony was held in Aruba where they called some family relatives and close friends. Usually, the NFL player is seen expressing his love for his beloved wife in several interviews. 

Raina Patricia with her husband Matt Patricia.
Image Source: Pinterest

Romantic Proposal

After dating for several years, Mr. Patricia proposed to her in a very romantic way in front of huge fans all around. He goes in the knee with a ring at Gillette stadium and proposes a soul mate. 

Thousands of fans have witnessed such dramatic scenes like mostly in romantic movies in which he lives in real life.   


She is the mother of three delightful children; two sons named Dominic and Dante and a little daughter Giaminna. The family of five resides in Foxboro, Massachusetts. She has a special bond with all three kids. 

Two sons Dominic and Dante and little daughter Giaminna with their father.
Image Source: Detroit Free Press

Social Work 

Apart from her personal and professional life, she has taken out some time for good causes too. She has been involved in charity works and is a member of the Patriots Women's Association.  She actively joins the organization and donations program yearly trips to Boston.

Sold Luxurious Mansion 

Patricia sold her houses which are located in the New England- area. The houses expand to the area of 3,674 square feet and consist of 4- bedrooms,3 bathrooms with lavishing facilities. The house is worth  $700,000 however they put it in sales in 2018 with higher prices.

A picture of the sold house which is located in the New England- area.
Image Source:

Social Presence 

Raina Patricia is quite active on social media platforms. She has over 500 followers on her Instagram. Her accounts are in private but she is usually seen in her husband's posts where she was mostly seen spending time with her loving husband and kids.

Lives in Low profile 

Being a partner of a celebrity wife, Patricia likes maintaining her personal space away from the media and limelight. She is a secretive person and wants to keep personal information private.

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