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Rachel Sennott's Love Story: Exploring Her Boyfriend and Personal Life

Published Tue Jan 23 2024 By Nancy
Rachel Sennott's Love Story: Exploring Her Boyfriend and Personal Life

Rachel Sennott is an actress, comedian, and screenwriter from the United States. She has gained recognition for her leading performances in movies such as "Shiva Baby," "Bodies Bodies Bodies," and "Bottoms," as well as in the HBO drama series "The Idol."

Rachel Sennott Found a Boyfriend During The Pandemic 

On April Fools' Day in 2020, Rachel Sennott shared tips on getting a boyfriend during quarantine in Document Journal. She talked about the importance of having a great photo and using social media smartly for dating. 

Rachel Sennott is romantically involved with Logan Miller.
Photo Source: Instagram

In December of that year, Sennott let her followers know she had a boyfriend through a short tweet, mentioning that she believed it was a gift from God. People not only talk about Rachel's love life on Twitter but also on their timelines. 

Some fans were disappointed Rachel was no longer available, while others were curious about who had won her heart. In a 2021 interview, Sennott talked about her experiences with FaceTime and text-based relationships during quarantine. 

Sennott revealed she currently has a boyfriend in Los Angeles. They started their romance through Instagram and mutual friends. He made the first move by sending her a message, and her friends convinced her to go out with him.

Who is Rachel Sennott's Boyfriend? 

Rachel Sennott often shares fun stories about her boyfriend on Twitter, but her Instagram and interviews keep his identity a bit mysterious. Interestingly, there is a photo on Instagram tagged with Sennott's name, showing her with Logan Miller

Rachel Sennott and Logan Miller are taking mirror selfies.
Photo Source: Instagram

Miller's Instagram is filled with pictures confirming their romantic connection. One of their first cute pictures together appeared on Logan's Instagram in December 2020, right after Sennott tweeted about their new relationship. 

On Instagram, Logan openly expresses his feelings for Rachel, often calling her "the love" and "the queen," and he even wished her a happy Valentine's Day publicly. In a 2021 interview, when asked about his plans, Logan talked about the possibility of working with Sennott on a project. 

Like Rachel, Miller is a successful actor with roles in various films and TV shows. Logan's acting journey started with a small role in "The Norton Avenue All-Stars." Notable performances include the suspenseful "Escape Room" with Taylor Russell and the drama "Love, Simon" featuring Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel

A look at Logan's Instagram gives a personal insight into the actor's life, with plenty of candid snapshots from his daily life. His 2022 recap post was especially full of cherished moments with Sennott. 

In May 2023, Sennott and Logan attended the "ELLE Hollywood Rising" event by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Rachel Sennott's Past Relationships Shaped Her 

Even though Rachel Sennott's previous romantic experiences didn't last, they played a big role in her life. Back in college, she dated a guy who loved doing standup comedy. 

He used to perform at open mic nights, and Sennott was introduced to the lively world of comedy through him. Even though she didn't fully grasp how significant standup comedy was, she didn't let it bother her. 

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Rachel also talked about a long-term relationship with lots of ups and downs. She had hoped for a lasting love story with this boyfriend, but he didn't see it the same way. 

However, it wasn't all sad for Sennott. This experience taught her about her values and helped her understand what truly matters to her.

Rachel Sennott Career Highlights

2016–2020: Early Comedy Work  

Rachel Sennott got into comedy during her college freshman year after attending an open mic night on a date. She studied acting at NYU Tisch and Stella Adler Studio of Acting, graduating in 2017. 

Rachel Sennott is an actress, comedian, and screenwriter from the United States.
Rachel Sennott is an actress, comedian, and screenwriter from the United States. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Throughout college, Sennott continued performing comedy at open mic nights while also acting in student films. She took on the lead role of Danielle in the short film version of Emma Seligman's Shiva Baby in 2017, reprising the role in the 2020 feature film adaptation.  

In 2018, feeling uncertain about her career, Rachel turned to Twitter comedy, posting multiple short jokes daily. She didn't enjoy the Manhattan open mic scene and shifted to the alternative comedy scene with a regular gig on It's A Guy Thing

In 2018, Sennott developed two shows: Puke Fest, combining stand-up with a drinking game, and Ur Gonna Slp Rlly Well Tonight. Puke Fest moved to Instagram Live during the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2019, Rachel was recognized as one of the six best comedians in the alternative scene by Time Out New York and Pop Dust for her satirical takes on millennial life. She also satirizes elements of culture, with popular bits about Los Angeles movie culture and baby-obsessed young women. 

On television, Sennott appeared in HBO's High Maintenance and played Jackie Raines on Call Your Mother. She co-developed two Comedy Central series with Ayo Edebiri: Ayo and Rachel Are Single and Taking the Stage, airing in 2020. Sennott also features in the web comedy-documentary series Speak Up, aiming to amplify female voices in comedy.  

2021–Present: Transition to Feature Films  

Rachel Sennott starred in the 2020 feature films Tahara and Shiva Baby. In 2022, she played Alice in Bodies Bodies Bodies, an A24 comedy horror film, earning praise for her standout performance.  

In 2023, Sennott co-wrote the teen sex comedy film Bottoms with Shiva Baby's writer-director, Emma Seligman. She also appeared in the tragicomedy I Used to Be Funny.. Rachel began starring in the HBO drama series The Idol in June 2023, despite its mixed critical reception.  

Rachel continued her film career with appearances in Susie Searches and is set to feature in Saverio Costanzo's period drama Finally, Dawn Has Come. 

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