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Rachel McAdams's $16 Million Net Worth - Two Houses and Many Luxurious Cars

Published Sat Dec 14 2019 By DGM
Rachel McAdams's $16 Million Net Worth - Two Houses and Many Luxurious Cars

The famous Canadian activist and actress, Rachel McAdams, has an estimated net worth of $16 million. She managed to accumulate such a massive number as her fortune from her successful career as an actress acting in movies and television shows.

McAdams has made the most of her life earnings as an actress and is currently devoted as an activist. Below are some facts about her net worth:

Earning from Movies

Jamie Linden's wife has been part of some of the most successful movies in the history of Hollywood. She was one of the main stars of the 2005 movie 'Wedding Crashers' which was a big hit and made 285.2 million USD worldwide. 

Not only that, her another movie opposing Ryan Gosling 'The Notebook' was able to cross the 100 million mark (115.6 million) in box office. Since she has made quite a level and name in the industry, producers will to pay crazy amounts so that she could play in their movies.

A picture of Rachel McAdams in the movie 'The Notebook'.
Rachel McAdams in the movie 'The Notebook'.
Picture Courtesy: Man Repeller

Endorsement Deal with McDonald's

Like other famous celebrities, the 'Mean Girls' star Rachel McAdams has also endorsed McDonald's which is one of the famous fast food company. And as we know that it is one of the biggest fast food brand, she may surely have got a payroll consisting of large amount of money. She chose to endorse the company's foods because she, as a teenager, was one of the employees who worked there.

As McDonald's is known for hiring big renown names like Kendall Jenner, it is obvious that it doesn't pay small amount to its endorser. Similar is the case with McAdams because she is a successful actress, she also must have been paid a considerable amount. 

Big House in Different States

When it comes to the residence, Rachel McAdams has huge and luxurious houses in two different parts of the United States. Firstly, she has a massive house in Toronto worth about $2 million which indeed looks like a typical house in Toronto but is very fascinating from the indeed. She also owns a huge property in Baltimore and resides in both houses alternatively. 

Rides Cars

Talking about riding cars, McAdams rides some of the best cars that her money can afford. She has expensive and luxurious beasts such as Lincoln Town car, Lexus CT 200h, Mercedes CLS class, Fiat 500, and a red Mini Cooper Convertible. All of the cars combine to form a total worth of about $2 million which is indeed very high but not a big deal for the actress.

A picture of Rachel McAdams with her red mini Cooper car.
Rachel McAdams with her red mini Cooper car.
Image Source: Pinterest

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