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Get to Know Quinton Anderson Reynolds – Burt Reynold’s Son With Loni Anderson

Published Mon Nov 30 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Quinton Anderson Reynolds – Burt Reynold’s Son With Loni Anderson

Quinton Anderson Reynolds became the media sensation when Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson adopted him as their son. From his childhood, he has been spotted by the media as a celebrity baby. 

On 31st August 1988, he came into this world whereas his birthplace is California, United States. Reynolds is the half-brother of a popular actress, Deidra Hoffman. He got graduation with an Arts degree from California State University. 

To know more information about Quinton Anderson that people don't know. 

Net Worth and Source of Income

Quinton Anderson Reynolds has a net worth of around $500 thousand. His income source is from the Editorial and Electrical Department Worker. Alonge with it, he also worked as a Camera Assistant in Hollywood & Digital Imaging Technician. 

The camera assistant has worked in the movies like 100 Degree Below Zero, Ouija: Origin of Evil Mercenaries, and High School Profession. From his career, Burt Reynold's son makes almost $60,000 per year. 

Family Wealth

All we know, Burt Reynold had $5 million before he left this world. He was an actor, director, author, and voice artist as well as a businessman. His previous net worth was $60 million which dropped down due to bad investment and over-spending. 

In 1961, the late actor came into the Hollywood industry by making a debut in the movie 'Angel Baby' but his career breakout in 1972 after appearing in 'Deliverance'. Then Burt didn't stop being a legend in the acting field till 2017. 

Similarly, Loni Anderson has a huge amount of net worth $12 million. She made an impressive amount from her acting and modeling career. In 1978, she began her modeling career, and in the 1980s her acting performance in the industry. In fact, her autobiography, "My Life in High Heels", hit bookshelves in 1997.

Relationship or Love Life

The 32 years, Reynolds is living a single life and also has not been in a rumor about his relationship. He is focusing on his career to become a successful person and dedicating his time.  

Parents' Married Life

In 1988, his parents got married, and in the same year, Quinton was adopted. The couple met in the industry and started dating. They were in a happy relationship and decide to become a life partner. Unfortunately, their marriage couldn't go for long last and got divorced in 1993 after 5 years. 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds with his father Burt Reynolds and mother Loni Anderson.
Image Source: Pinterest

Mental Issue

Every child is afraid of their parent's separation which was also happened in the case of Burt and Loni. When Quinton was just 5 years, his parents got divorced which hit his mind. He also suffered from depression and mental illness, and can't be moved on in his life for many years.

Disinherit From Father's Property

The headline of Quinton Anderson Reynolds being disinherited from his father's wealth became highlighted on all webpages. When his father, Brut Reynolds was at the last stage of his life, all property along with net worth was given to a niece.  

Lives Private Life

Reynolds is a secretive person who has not been open when it comes to personal life. He keeps some distance from the limelight and enjoys living a private life. 

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